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Want to Appear in Batman, Inc.?

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Ever wanted to have a cameo in a Batman comic book? As long as you have Bruce Wayne's cash, this dream may be a reality.


Comic Book Alliance has teamed up DC Comics and eBay for a very unique charity auction. The winner will get to "star" in issue four of "Batman Inc", due out this February. Due to the nature of comic publishing, I believe that the book is probably mostly finished and the winner would just be penciled into the completed pages in time for shipping. The winner has the choice of being slain or rescued within the story. Originally the auction was not open to United States fans, but Comic Book Alliance worked out the issue with eBay and now everyone has a shot. Who wants to bid on behalf of The Batman Universe?


You can check out the auction here. But hurry because there is less than two days left to place a bid.


Posted by Josh

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