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Warner Bros. Announces Two Untitled DCEU Movies for 2020 Release

A riddle for you, dear reader: When is news not really news? When its release date announcements for untitled DC movies! According to Tracking Board, Warner Bros. has announced that two DC movies will release in 2020 (not including the previously announced Cyborg flick). The first will hit on Valentine’s Day while the other is scheduled to be released on June 5th.


Now let us put on our speculating caps and see if we can narrow down which movies these might be. Our current list of DC movies without release dates are as follows:



Green Lantern Corps

Justice League Dark

The Flash

Justice League 2

The Batman

Superman sequel

Suicide Squad sequel

Gotham City Sirens

Black Adam



Wonder Woman sequel


I’d wager that DC wants at least one surefire hit in 2020 so they may bring out one of the trinity in June (The Batman, a Superman sequel, or the Wonder Woman sequel). I think the Valentine’s Day movie, will actually be something completely new, and not currently on the list. My theory, and take it with a huge helping of salt, is DC takes a page from Deadpool and uses Valentine’s Day to test out an R-rated film, or at least one of their riskier characters.


If not a riskier move, I can see Nightwing or Batgirl taking this spot, but, honestly, I see Dick or Babs having an earlier release date due to what I assume will be smaller budgeted movies. The Bat-Family may not require the special effects-heavy post production a movie like The Flash or Justice League Dark would require. Again, just speculation at this point.


SDCC this weekend will surely give us one or two firm release dates. Until then, what movies do you think will populate 2020 and how crazy is it we’re talking about movies three years down the line? Sound off in the comments!

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