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What Could Have Been: Another Denied Bat-Cartoon

Earlier this year we brought you images of a pitched Batman animated show that didn't just make it. Well it seems that a little while ago, there was another version pitched that may have been for the upcoming James Tucker produced Batman show. Artist Coran Zone posted this info on a shot he got to design the new show:


So James the Terrifically talented Tucker producer of “The Brave and Bold” series was starting work on the new Bat show and decided to take a chance on the new guy….Me! So I became character designer. I was floored as shit and had a ton of ideas for the darknight and fellers so I spent about 4 or 5 monthes cranking out a ton of of batty shizz! I did way more than any man should ever do and worked sometimes two nights straight without sleep on that stuff.

This is the sucky part> Even though all of the heads at Cartoon Network liked the designs one felt the premise (more of a “no mans land”) was too dark and grim so they scrapped it


So what do you think of this design?


Failed Batman TV Show Design


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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  • Donovan Grant

    Very interesting…seems really ninja inspired. Points for almost being the first show to feature Cassandra Cain!

    • Well, she did have that uncredited cameo in Justice League. Nothing special though. I would love to see her on a show though. Actually any show that introduces more of the Bat-family I would be behind.