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Whatever Happened to Batman: Odyssey?

Batman: OdysseyThe first six issues of Batman: Odyssey were released and the last issue made it to stores in February. Everyone knew that the series would be taking a break as well as continuing with the remaining issues to conclude Neal Adams' story. Well, after four months DC has not solicited the next seven issues that Adams' promised would happen.


Today on Adams' Facebook account, he posted up what appears to be a letter response to someone who posed the question of what happened to the series. Here is what he had to say.


Yo, Neal here.
What the heck is happening with Batman Odyssey?
DC tells us the solicitations have begun for the last 7 monthly issues.
Your stores have not been reacting to your enthusiasm, but rather, they have been reacting to the internet chatter. Chatter that I…. perhaps should have responded to.
Now it's all verblunget and you guys are the ones who are losing out, and I am sorry.
The continuing series is just great! It's exciting and dramatic with neanderthals, evolved dinosaurs, magicians, war, death, gnomes, trolls and tests, the like of which Batman, the modern Ulysses has never faced in his life… all happening in a real underworld.
The multiple climaxes are killer. But if you care…. Man, I hate to say this… you've got to hoc your stores like bloody hell to get these issues.
My promise to you is to give you the best, most exciting comic books ever. I've never failed you, and I never will. But this time, you've got to dig in and demand your stores get this. The best Batman series ever.
A note: You notice Marvel is actually promoting my work for them? Avengers and the "Secret Project?" You'll notice Dark Horse is promoting Blood? Well, for some reason, DC isn't promoting "Batman Odyssey." So…. it's up to you and me, guys and gals.
Neal Adams


So it seems that Adams may be upset about the last seven issues not being released as well as the lack of promotion. It seems that DC may be holding off these remaining issues for well past the relaunch to keep Adams' story seperate from the other stories to avoid confusion. We have been told by DC that other series are coming after September, could Batman: Odyssey be one of them?


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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