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Which Was Better?


Blackest Night Batman vs. Superman


Round One




As a supporter and contributor to this site I am naturally inclined towards all things Batman. As a big Green Lantern fan I’ve been drawn to the latest DC mega-event “Blackest Night”. So when the over the top positive reviews starting pouring in about Blackest Night: Superman#1, I had to scratch my head a little. Big Blue the Boy Scout is going to take on zombies? So what, he always wins. What’s his grim past versus whatever Batman has gone through? Even the current Dick Grayson version. So, naturally, I took a look.


Ok, let’s start with the COVER ART. Blackest Night Superman (BNS) wins hands down. And they cheated! I don’t know which one you all got but my issue of BNS features the menacing half lit figure of Kal-L, the Black Lantern Superman (red eyes aglow) standing in the rain in front of a defiled billboard welcoming all to the home of Black Lantern Superman. A truly frightening cover. While over at Blackest Night: Batman (BNB) we have the Black Lantern Deadman punching a hole through the back of Batman amidst a green background that didn’t work for me and never came close to happening in the book. How did BNS cheat by the way? It never rained in the book at all! In fact they start their story in the glorious sunshine while all it did was rain in BNB. They still win.


REVEALS Ok which book had the biggest reveal to the whole Blackest Night storyline? Blackest Night Batman wins this one. In that first issue we find out from Deadman that Black Hand is putting a cowl of black energy over “Wayne’s skull”. We were about to find out more but Damian’s hard left fixed that. The skull for some unknown reason is central to the whole mythos of this story arc and there has to be some great importance to black energy being formed around it. In Blackest Night Superman we get our best look at what a Black Lantern sees when he (or it) instills emotion in its victims. In one great panel we see Superman radiate FIVE colors of the war of light. Yellow fear, Green willpower, the Red of Rage, Violet of Love and the Blue of Hope. A key to the power of the Black Lanterns perhaps? I’m sticking with the Bat skull.


RAW EMOTIONAL IMPACT This was a close one. No one likes to see a dog get beat up. So when Krypto is taken down hard and left in the ruins of the Kent home I cringed. What’s worse? Having your mother dragged away and being held in a choke hold by a zombie Lois! Not good! I loved the gothic nature of BNB #1. It ran through the entire book. Dick and Damian had to behold the desecrated graves of the Wayne family. Awful to be sure but they weren’t the bones of their parents. In fact they missed seeing the Grayson’s rise up and the Drake burial site was empty. Blackest Night Superman wins a close one.


SUPPORTING CAST AND VILLAINS Black Lantern Lois isn’t that menacing but Black Lantern Superman sure is. Check out the last page of that issue. With his arms crossed and black cape flying in front of a full moon, Black Lantern Superman is daring Superman and Connor Kent to step forward. He is totally bad ass. As for Connor Kent, he’s ok. Not exactly a major figure just a clone of one. Kyrpto’s always good. In Blackest Night Batman we have Deadman which I am not a big fan of. But at least he can get inside (pun intended) of what is going and that should be very important. Add to the mix the unholy family reunion of the Grayson’s and the Drakes and I can feel the dread creeping into my own bones! Oh, and yes, Tim Drake/Red Robin is coming back to Gotham. Very cool. Blackest Night Batman wins this one.


So which issue is the winner dear reader? I’ll leave that to you. Call me a wimp but I’m saying it’s a tie. Hey, it’s only round one and there are two more to go. I want to see more punches thrown; who gets up off the canvas faster and who’s dead family or friends brings that stinging bile to your throat quicker. Blackest Night Batman returns September ninth. Let the games begin.


Post by Dark Knight Dave

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