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Winick Leaves Batwing

Batwing #1In a written statement to Newsarama, Judd Winick announced that he will be leaving Batwing.


Revealed in the statement, Winick insists that the reason for his leaving is a timing issue as he is leaving to work on other projects. Winick did not state which issue would be his last, but he has been solicited as the writer through issue #14.


The series has seen a small amount of changes since it launched with the rest of the New 52 last year with artist Ben Oliver being replaced by Marcus To. Winick was also previously attached to Catwoman, which was revealed over a month ago that he would also be off of that title as well.


The Batman Universe has questioned the longevity of Batwing as a series recently, as the character has been appearing in other titles and sales for the character's own title have been below par compared to some of the other titles that DC has canceled recently.


Could Winick leaving the title also mean the end of the series? Could there be another wave of cancellations and a new wave in DC's future?


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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