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Winick on Batwing #0

Batwing has origin was pretty well explored during the first eight issues of the series. With the zero issue right around the corner what will be explored for David in Batwing. Writer Judd Winick talked with Comic Book Resources about what can be expected in the issue.


Batwing #0CBR: We've already seen a lot of David's past as a child soldier in "Batwing." How does your #0 issue fit into the origin story mold?


Judd Winick: It's sort of the opposite of what we've had with [the #0 issue of] "Green Arrow." For the first eight issues and change on "Batwing" we told his origin and a lot of it: we know he was a boy soldier, how he basically rescued himself from being a boy soldier and then seeking help and going to the child rescue compound where he was raised. So that piece of the puzzle is there. After that the missing pieces are — although we saw him running around as a vigilante a little bit — how does he go from being a boy who was a boy soldier to being a vigilante and then in Batman Incorporated? So we're kind of going from the opposite direction than "Green Arrow." This is very similar in tone, this is a very similar character who we've seen on this road of being this vigilante in Africa, but not how it happened.


Like "Green Arrow" this is about a catalyst moment where he went from being a boy soldier to where we pick up and he's a cop, a police officer in Tinasha, which is the way he thought he wanted to give back for all the wrong he had done as a boy soldier. But it's not working because the police force in Tinasha is pretty new as they're post-revolution, and they are very corrupt. They take bribes and it's accepted but that's not working for him. Tragic things happen because he is a Batman, which has him decide to become a vigilante, to make a difference in a different way. And then comes Batman and Batman Incorporated and it's about him becoming a vigilante for the first time. This is the missing chapter. This is what got him from here to there.


CBR: While we will see the filling in of David's life between soldier and vigilante, will we see any of Matu's role in David's life pre-vigilante?


Judd Winick: Yes, Matu is very much a part of it. He was basically the one who raised him since he came to the child rescue center, and is part of this catalyst moment. He's been right there since the beginning.


For the entire interview, including talk about Marcus To's art, head over to Comic Book Resources. Batwing #0 hits stores in September.


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