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Winick Steals Catwoman: Part 2

It looks like one of the first creators making their rounds online is Judd Winick. With the earlier interview discussing how he came on to Catwoman, Comic Book Resources dives for more story element questions. Here are the highlights.


Catwoman #1CBR: Is this series getting back to her roots as a morally ambiguous cat burglar and thief?


Judd Winick: Oh yeah. She steals things! The gray line for her is day in and day out she's thinking about stealing things. That's what she likes. That, if you pardon the expression, is what she gets off on. So we are getting back to her core roots as Catwoman the cat burglar.


CBR: There have been so many different versions of Catwoman over the years, are you pulling from a specific era of Catwoman for the comic or are you pulling parts from every era?


Judd Winick: I'd say it's a little bit of everything, but most importantly it feels modern. I'm striving for keeping it really real, and less technology. I don't think you'll ever see Selena pull something out of her belt and do a scan of the entire building in an instant and whatnot. It's more hammer and nails, it's a little more low-tech which is, we feel, a little more interesting for the character. It's not about her being a computer whiz and finding this out — if she's breaking in someplace she going to cut through a window and crawl through a vent because that is, for me, more interesting than her doing things with lasers and infra-red schematics. It should be fun! I think in general DC Comics and all comics have gotten a little too darn high-tech. Somebody can pull something off their belt and do anything, and that's no fun. It's too easy. So I guess what I'm saying is I want to make it hard for us. It makes the story better to challenge ourselves that way.


CBR: I think it's safe to assume this amoral Selina is going to come into direct conflict with Batman and some of the other Gotham villains?


Judd Winick: Oh yeah! [Laughs] Boy howdy, yes!


CBR: Do you think making Selina more dangerous and more amoral brings the Batman/Catwoman relationship away from just being lovers and back to that antagonistic relationship they originally had in the comics?


Judd Winick: Yeah, I think from Selina's perspective, if you are a thief the dumbest thing you can do is be involved with Batman in any way shape or form, and there she is. I think Batman and Catwoman make for a very interesting pairing, let's say.


For the entire interview, including more talk about March's art, head over to Comic Book Resources. Catwoman #1 hits stores this September.


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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