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Winick Take Flight with Batwing

With a number of interviews from Judd Winick, how about one more? This time Winick discusses his other Bat-book, Batwing with Newsarama. Here are the highlights.


Batwing #1Newsarama: We really don't know much about the character. What can you tell us about Batwing and this title?


Judd Winick: Batwing is the Batman of Africa. And he flies. And he's a superhero, complete with supervillains and everything you would expect from a superhero book.


You'll find a lot of cool and whimsical things in the Batwing comic that you won't see anywhere else, like Batwing fighting a battle over the pyramids of Egypt. Or the beautiful landscape of rural Africa. But at the same time, you'll see superhero battles that happen in the slums of the city. So there's a lot going on here.


It's this entire world of the DCU that we have yet to explore, and we want to explore it in a real way.


Newsarama: So is it like a Batman book in the more traditional sense? With the detective elements, mixed with action and villains?


Judd Winick: Yes, but because of its setting, this is more like high adventure. It's about guys in costumes beating each other up, but it's set in this rich, tumultuous, beautiful, and violent nation.


The idea of doing a superhero book in Africa, with a blank slate of what we could create, greatly interested me. I mean, we have a whole world to create, from other superheroes to villains to politics, as well as tapping squarely into the DCU.


Newsarama: So there's a big connection to the DCU?


Judd Winick: Definitely. Batman is in our first few issues. And we'll have the Bat family coming and going from the comic as well, either getting mixed up in what the Batwing is mixed up in, or coming in to help. Batwing is very much a soldier of Batman Incorporated. So he's part of the Bat-family.


He will differ from Batman in so many ways, but he is still the protector of a city, doing what he can, just like Bruce Wayne in Gotham. And of course, Batwing is also a hero of the world, so we'll see him leaving Africa to go elsewhere for his adventures.


For the entire interview, including Winick's take on the diversity that this title adds to the DC universe, head over to Newsarama. Batwing #1 launches in September.


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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