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Winick Talks Catwoman and Owls

Catwoman launched last September to much controversy. Judd Winick took some time to talk with Newsarama about how Catwoman will continue to be sexy going forward and what we can expect in the series as the Night of the Owls crossover nears.


Catwoman #7Newsarama: Judd, it feels like a real turning point for Catwoman as we head into issue #7. She has a new partner, a new attitude and a new game plan. Is this a sign of her turning over a new leaf after her confrontation with Batman and the mistakes she made in the first story arc?


Judd Winick: It's a definite step in that direction. This whole arc is about her starting anew. And at the end of this arc, she's changed a bit. We're being given that liberty that these characters aren't supposed to be stuck in amber the way they used to be. We really want to tell inventive and interesting stories. And to do that, we have to take risks with the characters and then let them learn and grow from their experiences.


That's something I want to emphasize: This is not the fully formed Catwoman. For the last decade or so, people have been reading about a Catwoman who is wiser, older and much more experienced. In our comic, she is not that woman yet. This is someone who is younger and less experienced, and also more reckless. And that recklessness probably won't go away overnight, and it's certainly not going to go away from one issue to the next. She's a very reckless person. She's got a problem, and she knows it, but she just can't control herself. She has certainly learned some lessons in this story arc, particularly with Lola's death, and those types of things will start to add up. And we'll see some changes. But it's going to take time for her to evolve.


Newsarama: Toward the end of this story arc, you tie into "The Night of the Owls." How does Catwoman fit into that?


Judd Winick: She's not exactly part of the Bat-family the way everyone else is. So on this one night, it becomes a Bat-family, crime-in-progress sort of story, where all hands are needed on deck. But Catwoman doesn't exactly fit into that scenario, because if shit is going down in Gotham, it's not like Bruce is making sure Catwoman knows about it.


So the challenge was to figure out a way that made sense that Catwoman could be part of the story, a way that felt organic and natural. And luckily I was ahead of schedule quite a bit, and we ramped up into it. It completely fits into our story. Spark and Detective Alvarez, who's going to be a recurring character, all fit into the "Night of the Owls" story.


Newsarama: You mentioned this new character, Spark. What can you tell us about him?


Judd Winick: Spark is a fellow thief, and it begins with them stealing cars together. And other things might happen, because as you'll see, he's quite the eye candy himself, as I work the other side of the street.


For the entire interview, including talk about how sexy Catwoman will be, head over to Newsarama. Catwoman #7 will be in stores in three weeks.


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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