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Wondercon: DC Nation Panel

DC Nation


Warner Bros. Animation brought DC Nation and Young Justice to Wondercon along with Green Lantern: The Animated series.


The DC Nation portion of the panel gave a number of glimpses at some of the upcoming shorts. Some of the shorts featured Animal Man, the Doom Patrol and Super Best Friends Forever, among others. Lauren Faust was present and talked about the dynamic of working on SBFF and how it is an interesting thought of what these characters go through in their lives. The biggest mention was that the hardest thing to do is to fit everything into seventy-five seconds, which seems to be the standard length for these shorts. The second season of shorts are already being worked on.


After talking Green Lantern, Greg Weisman and Brandon Vietti talked about some of the upcoming things for Young Justice. A clip was shown featuring Clayface, Blue Beetle and the Flying Graysons. Season two will feature nine different alien races from the DC Universe trying to invade Earth. Season 2 will show off sixty-two new characters. They also mentioned that the second season could begin airing as soon as April 2012.


No information about the new Batman was given as the moderator declined to talk about it. It was also mentioned that some of the shorts have the possibility to become a full show if they have enough support.


While Young Justice could begin airing season two next month, Cartoon Network has not announced that it will begin airing the episodes in April. After the end of March, there will only be a total of three episodes left of season one.


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