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XM Studios Reveals Catwoman Statue

XM Studios has announced its next collectible which is a premium Catwoman statue.  This 1:4 scale cold-cast porcelain statue is handcrafted and hand-painted with a high quality finish. This statue is part of a unique line which stems from a creative collaboration between Warner Brothers and XM Studios to showcase The Batman Universe in exotic settings never before seen. No word on the expected release date, but expect the statue to run just over $800 before shipping. Pre-orders are now available.

Description: XM Studios presents Catwoman. Inspired by the ninja or shinobi, master of stealth, agility, infiltration and espionage. Their covert method fits well with her need to steal precious items and secrets. Catwoman is dressed in black kimono collar, Obi belt, her signature cat’o nine tail whip and leather pants. Every professional cat burglar needs a gateway vehicle and her choice is a mean superbike, decked in her trademark purple colour.


The Catwoman Premium Collectibles statue features: Crafted from cold-cast porcelain, Includes three (3) head sculpts; Unmasked, 2 versions of Masks (Modern and Japanese), Two (2) interchangeable left arms (1 holding intricate designed treasure pouch), Pet Black Cat accessory, Exclusively designed ‘Cat’ Helmet accessory, Art print specially designed by Hive Studio, Limited edition : MTO


Artists: XM Studios, HMO and Studio Hive (Creators and Designers), Marthin Agusta (Sculpt), Hive Studio (Art Print), XM Studios Design and Development Team


Manufactured by: XM Studios


Product size : TBA cm H X TBA cm L X TBA cm B (estimate), Est. Box Size : 76.5 cm H X 59.5 cm L X 32.5 cm B (estimate), Est. Product Weight : 17 kg (estimate), Est. shipping weight : 27.5 kg (estimate)


Note: Prototype shown and pending final approval, final product may differ

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