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Year of Batmen: Part 11

Does Size Matter?


We all know Batman is a big guy. Off times he’s portrayed as big as Superman. To illustrate, take a look at the picture below from Superman #703.


Superman #703 Panel


But hold on now, that’s not the Bruce Wayne Batman, that’s Dick Grayson. So is Dick Grayson as big as Superman now? If we go by the evidence as seen in a recent issue of Red Robin we see the Grayson is only just as big as Tim Drake if not just a little bigger. See below.


Red Robin #15 Page 6Batman and Robin #15 Page 6


Roughly the same wouldn’t you say? How about this as further evidence?


Red Robin #4


Grayson is bigger than Drake but not by much! So what’s your point Dave, you may be asking? My point is with the return of the Bruce Wayne Batman the DC editors have to careful of scale especially when the whole Bat Family is drawn together. Witness the best evidence we have so far.


Batman and Robin #16 Page 37


Judging by this picture Dick Grayson is demonstrably smaller than Bruce. Yes, he is slightly in the background but not that far. How about this as evidence of scale?


Batman and Robin #16


The perspective of this group shot is careful enough not to show Bruce and Dick close together. Maybe the artists and editors of Batman are coming to grips with their scale problem. Remember, when Batman is pictured in action he is as big as he always is but with two around now I think a change to Dick’s size will become apparent. As seen below, when Batman swings into action, even if he is Dick Grayson, size matters.


Batman #704 Page 3


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  • NightOracle

    Well according to Nightwing Annual #1 Dick stands at 5"10. However, Comissioner Gordon commented on the fact Dick-Bats was shorter than usual, (Bruce is about 6"1.) So it's possible to assume Dick could have possibly amended this by adding lifts in his boots, for another three inches or so, for a better disguise.
    Superman does look a little short though, even if that's the scenario. But, despite supposedly being 6"4, I've often seen Supes looking much shorter than that in a lot of comic panels lately.

  • David Healey

    Thanks for the response NightOracle.  I'm glad I am not the only one that noticed some of these discrepancies.  We have to keep these people on their toes!  (So to speak.)  No doubt it is difficult for the Editors to track these things but it seemed pretty glaring to me.  Supes and Bats are pretty major characters.