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Year of the Batmen: Part 12

Does Size Matter? Chapter 2


In “The Year of the Batmen Part 11”, we examined scale, more specifically, the size of Batman in relation to others. As exhibit “A” I offered Batman in relation to Superman as seen in Superman #703, two peers in size if not exactly in strength. Below is that evidence.


Superman and Batman


As I said before the Batman measured above in relationship to Superman is not the Bruce Wayne Batman but Dick Grayson instead. Mr. Grayson however is often measured smaller than Batman as in Exhibit “B” as we see below.


Batman #704-Bruce and Dick as Batman


As we see here the Dick Grayson Batman to the left is smaller than the Bruce Wayne Batman to the right. This particular frame is taken from Batman issue #704. So what are we to conclude? Is the Bruce Wayne Batman demonstrably larger than Superman or did the artist of DC comics make a mistake in Superman #703?


I submit they made a mistake. But it’s forgivable. Historically, Batman is always pictured as large as Superman. It’s their abilities that matter. So this exercise was a little game of “got ya”. We caught them in a little scale error. Perhaps they got carried away in the whole mythos of Batman/Superman. After all they are human. But our heroes, well, they remain somewhat larger.


Superman/Batman #72


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