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Year of the Batmen: Part 9

Is Earth One Superman Channeling Batman?



If there is one thing that is characteristic to the look of Batman it is something that I call “the menacing glower”. The “glower” is characterized by a downward tilted head, deep set eyes and a visage revealing a barely disguised anger.


The urban street fighter that is Batman needs such a look in order to intimidate his enemies that, by and large, outnumber him.


Take a good look at the above art. Look familiar? The down tilted head replete with a menacing glower. The cowl like hood meant to hide one’s real identity. The barely concealed anger characterizing a spring loaded posture. At least this new Superman isn’t balanced on a gothic gargoyle overlooking a darkened city. That would have been too much.


Now look at the picture below.



Certainly we see the classic down tilted head meant to accentuate Batman’s menacing glower. Also evident is the barely disguised look of anger as the hero springs into action. Naturally the darkened cowl adds to the fearsome visage as seen above in the Superman picture.


The release of these two similar covers by DC’s “Source” blog is just a coincidence. But I think it represents a mindset where a re-imagined Superman is seen in a darker light. Some think that the next Superman movie should be darker in tone. I’m not one of them. But with Christopher Nolan ready to helm the franchise we may see a Superman character more at home in Gotham City than Metropolis.


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