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SDCC: Young Justice: Outsiders Team Revealed

One of the most welcome and surprising announcements this past year was that the cancelled-too-soon Young Justice would be receiving a third season. Now, thanks to producers Greg Weisman and Brandon Vietti, and art director Phil Bourassa, we have our first look at the characters who will be making up the team in Young Justice: Outsiders.

The rundown of the new team includes  returning faves (in updated costumes) Static, Kid Flash (surely not Wally West, right?), Robin, Wonder Girl, Spoiler (you’ll remember Stephanie Brown showed up in season 2 sans costume), Blue Beetle, Arsenal, and Beast Boy. The bow and arrow-wielding female quota is being filled this time around by Arrowette in a hybrid Red Arrow/Artemis costume, while a brand new character, Thirteen, is being introduced. She doesn’t appear in costume, which can only fuel the fires of speculation as to who she might actually be.


Greg Weisman stated during today’s panel that the third season will consist of twenty-six episodes and they have already recorded eleven of them so far. The series is expected sometime in 2018, but Young Justice: Outsiders is released it will be available exclusively on DC’s digital service (along with a Teen Titans live action show).

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