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Young Justice Cancelled

Young Justice


Cartoon Network revealed that Young Justice TV Show has been cancelled. After revealing their 2013-2014 line-up, Cartoon Network revealed that not only was Young Justice cancelled but the Green Lantern animated series was also cancelled.


The shows will be replaced by the upcoming Beware the Batman animated series and the Teen Titans GO! animated series which will be a remake of sorts of the 2003-2006 Teen Titans animated show.


Posted by Dane Haji


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  • dave

    i thought young justice did good for them?

  • ghost013

    This is really a shame since it was really good. 

  • Jon Roke

    The main reason they cancelled it was because it wasn't shifting toys. But then that's WB's fault for not advertising the things. Or making them available.

  • Kevin

    Son of A…!!!!

  • Stella

    What's weird is that TTGo! is not 30 mins!

  • Bgone

    WOW!  The best shows out there and now they're taking them out?!?!  Idk what u guys are thinking, by the way I saw the preview of Teen Titans Go… and that garbage doesn't compare to Young Justice.  Its a rip-off of the old Teen Titans and that show was actually good, this one is a straight up cartoon.  I can't believe this..