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June 24 12:30pm
The latest episode of the TBU Bat-Fans ( @BatFansPodcast) has arrived with @TimG311 and @Danesaysbanana discussing #SweetTooth #E3 and more. Find it wherever podcasts are found, YouTube and over on the site>>> #TBUBatFans #Podcast
June 24 10:32am
In honor of the release of the new film, Warner Bros. has released a new clip for Batman: The Long Halloween Part One. This clip focuses on a discussion in the Batcave. Take a look: #BatmanLongHalloween @BatmanUniverse
June 24 6:30am
ICYMI: Review: Harley Quinn #4, which sees Harley take advice from Solomon Grundy in dealing with Hugo Strange>>> #HarleyQuinn @TBU_Comics @prof_goldberg
June 24 2:30am
ICYMI: Review: Robin #3, which sees Damian continuing to make a name for himself while still being overshadowed by the legend of his father>>> #Robin @TBU_Comics @DonaldQuijote

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