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Are you interested in sharing your love for Batman with other Bat-Fans? Have a special talent and need a place to share it? Then joining TBU might be the place for you. We are a group of fans working for fans to give quality material regularly and would love to find a spot on our team for you.

As a fan site, we do not pay our contributors, but there will be plenty of perks that come with working with us. From talking with professionals in multiple entertainment industries to covering events to establishing your talents with content you enjoy.

Our team is broken into three main areas of coverage. 

TBU Comics Team: This team covers everything from the world of the Batman Universe comics. We cover all the news announced, review the various monthly issues, graphic novels, and collected editions released, and discuss the topics on various comic-related podcasts. 

TBU Media Team: This team manages the news, reviews, and editorials covering films and movies, television, and video games. 

TBU Culture Team: This team deals with everything that makes fans of Batman, Bat-Fans. From the merchandise releasing and being reviewed to events and unique topics relating to the fandom. 

In addition to those teams, we also have a team that deals with all of the behind-the-scenes elements of making a site as big as TBU run smoothly. This includes audio editors, video editors, podcast hosts, graphic designers, and editors. 

So do you have an interest in covering any of those sections? Are you interested in working behind-the-scenes? Are you already creating content elsewhere and want to share it with a larger audience? Or are you just looking at sharing your passion for the Batman Universe with like-minded individuals? 

You have two ways to get in touch with us. You can send us an email at to discuss current openings or if you are open to covering anything go ahead fill out our TBU Staff Application now. We will be in touch with you whatever way you contact us.

TBU Staff Members

Dustin Fritschel
Founder - Editor-in-Chief Emeritus
As someone who had too much time on his hands and now can't find enough, Dustin founded TBU as a way to connect with other Bat-Fans and keep them informed. Over the years, he has hosted various podcasts on the site and edited almost everything you read on the site. In 2023, after fifteen years of running TBU, Dustin stepped away from the site.
Theodis Wright
Editor-in-Chief - TBU Comic Podcast Host
Theo is a lifelong resident of Louisiana. He has been a collector of comic books since the age of nine, amassing a huge collection before losing most to Hurricane Katrina. Since then he's been working to rebuild that collection while continuing to delve into current books. Besides comics, he is an avid reader on topics of US history (don't ask why). In 2023, Theo succeeded Dustin Fritschel as TBU's EIC.
Scott Waldyn
Managing Editor - Staff Writer - TBU Podcast Host
Scott Waldyn has been a lifelong Batman fan, ever since he first watched the Michael Keaton-led 1989 film as a small child. Batman sparked a love of comics for Scott that has spanned decades. A few years ago, he stumbled upon the TBU Podcast and answered a call-to-arms to write for the site. Since then, he's helped out with editing, guest-hosting on the podcast, and reviewing some of Batman's flagship titles. Beyond Batman, Scott is a huge Godzilla nerd, loves video games, and writes novellas and short stories in his free time. Ask him to discuss cinema, and he'll talk your ear off. One day, he hopes to pen both his own comics as well as guest-write at least one issue of Batman.
Stephanie Mounce
Staff Editor - Staff Writer - Podcast Editor - TBU Comic Podcast Host
Stephanie had watched Batman movies and shows since she was a little girl, but didn’t read comics until 2017 when she discovered Batman’s proposal to Catwoman. She discovered the TBU Comics Podcast and devoured the episodes. When the call went out to find a temporary co-host to fill Stella’s shoes, Steph wasted no time in volunteering. The rest, they say, is history and Steph has been a co-host of the podcast since May 2018. She has since also become a writer of sales numbers and Batman merch articles for The Batman Universe. When she isn’t reading TBU comics, Steph is practicing her new career, voice acting. She also enjoys watching anime, playing games, or living her best life with her husband and two cats.
BJ Shea
Staff Writer - TBU Podcast Host
BJ has had two passions in his life: sports and comic books. Specifically Batman and Robin. Not a day has gone by where BJ hasn’t watched or read something Batman-related. Currently, his goal is to collect as many Dick Grayson (his favorite character) issues as he can. Doesn’t matter if he’s Robin or Nightwing or Agent 37, he wants them. Another goal he has is to collect the complete Robin run of Tim Drake’s classic series. Raised on reruns of Adam West and was there for the animated series, BJ is down for any version of Batman. The Dark Knight is his favorite movie ever. On any day, BJ is most likely watching sports, watching anything Batman, or The Office.
Ian Miller
Staff Writer - TBU Comic Podcast Host
A latecomer to comics - I started reading Bruce Wayne: Murderer, Birds of Prey, Hush, and War Games in college. Over a decade and a half later, I'm still inspired by Batman, and especially the Bat-Family (Stephanie Brown!) I started out listening to BTO, then Stella drew me to TBUCP, I volunteered to write reviews, and the rest is history! Love recording the podcast, especially with my amazing cohosts. Also a huge fan of Jane Austen, C. S. Lewis, Tolkien, and many more books!
Adil Syed
Contributing Writer - TBU Podcast Host
Jamie Remolde
Staff Writer
As a contributor to TBU, I focus on comics and graphic novels. I am relatively new to comics, as I really started to get into regularly reading them during the New 52 and Rebirth eras at DC Comics. Personally, I gravitate towards Batman and most of his allies because he is just an ordinary man. He may be incredibly wealthy, but he is not an alien or a god, or even a metahuman. I also like the character because he was able to turn an incredible tragedy in his life into his life’s mission. I do not always agree with his actions, but I do trust his motivation. I came across TBU through the TBU Comic Podcast and answered the call for contributors. I am on my second stint with the site and am excited at new opportunities. On a personal note, I am similar to the current characterization of Tim Drake. I am queer. I identify as trans feminine, I was assigned the male gender at birth, but that never seemed to fit me. It is this self-examination that draws me to queer-centric stories of Tim Drake, Batwoman, Renee Montoya, and other openly queer characters. I feel we are all on a journey of self-discovery and understanding, and these characters have shown that they are brave and strong enough to travel their own path in a sense, I believe we all are queer in different ways.
Hannan Murano
Contributing Writer
Daniel Goldberg
Contributing Writer
I’ve loved Batman for my entire life, but really only started collecting comics about five years ago. "Batman: The Animated Series" is probably the biggest influence on my conception of the character. I’m a university professor in my day-to-day life, and I am particularly interested in the ways that fear and trauma drive Batman and the behavior of so many of his rogues.
Donovan Morgan Grant
Contributing Writer
Joshua Lapin-Bertone
Contributing Writer
Joshua is a legacy contributor to TBU, having been with the website since 2008. He’s hosted The Gotham Chronicle Podcast, co-hosted The Batman Universe Comic Podcast, and has made numerous guest appearances on the other shows across the TBU network. He’s also served as TBU’s convention correspondent, where he’s interviewed many comic creators and DC-related actors. In addition to his work at TBU, Josh has also served as a freelance contributor for DC Entertainment.
Stella Bowman
Batgirl to Oracle Host
Rob Myers
Robin: Everyone Loves the Drake Host - Everyone Loves Young Justice Host
In 1982, Rob received a book that changed his life. The book and cassette set was called “Batman and Robin, the Teen Wonder: The Case of the Laughing Sphinx.” While Batman was a big deal, Robin is what stood out and connected him to the world of Batman. Then came Batman (1989) and how could you not love Batman? Shortly after joining TBU to do some action figure reviews, he got the podcasting bug and since then has launched two shows on the TBU Podcast Network. He also plays drums and collects comics, CDs, vinyl, and KISS merchandise.