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Batman to Increase Price to $5 Per Issue

batman 35


Although the first several issues of the upcoming “Batman: Endgame” arc in the top-selling Batman title have already been solicited in issues #35-37, it is being reported today that both the size and price of the issues are changing from what the solicits advertised.  Each one of these issues is being increased to a full 30 pages of story content and the price is being increased accordingly from $3.99 to $4.99.  While DC often matches their cover prices to the size of the issue and various oversized issues have been priced at this new price point, this is the first ongoing DC title to be bumped up to the five dollar mark.  Additionally, it is currently unknown whether this will be the new ongoing price for all future issues of Batman or if only the “Endgame” arc will be getting the expansion in size and price.


Also, while the issues in question were solicited with the same cover art so as to mask any details about the story itself, the image above, is a variant cover of Batman #35 which might offer some insight into the content of the upcoming arc.

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4 thoughts on “Batman to Increase Price to $5 Per Issue

  1. Terry Hughston

    I’d like to also point out that Scott Snyder just took to Twitter to say that he only found out about the price increase yesterday and has already been advocating that DC reduce it. He also said that they said they’d take the suggestion seriously. So, who knows?

  2. Terry Hughston

    And also that the extra pages are from a series of backups from “an amazing roster of bat-artists” that are part of a story designed to be a celebration of Batman’s 75th anniversary.

  3. Dustin Fritschel

    Noticed that on Twitter to. It seems that DC may be trying to cash in on it being one of the top selling books. I mentioned this before when they got rid of the back-ups and the price stayed at $3.99, everyone didn’t seem to notice. Some of the issues were larger, but most were standard size, I believe. Now with the addition of the back-ups again, it seems that they are just trying to squeeze more money out of people who are already making it one of if not the top selling book every month.


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