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SPOILERS: DC Reveals the New Robin Months in Advance

Current writer of Batman and Robin, Peter J. Tomasi, took to Twitter today when he realized that today’s release of January’s solicitations would spoil the reveal of the new Robin.  While DC decided to keep the surprise ending of Batman #35 a secret and avoided all spoilers, they opted out of doing that for the reveal of the identity of the person who will take up the mantle of Boy-Wonder beginning next January.  Tomasi decided to break the news to fans himself when he realized that DC was going to ruin the suspense months ahead of time and confirmed the identity as well as leaked the cover image for Batman and Robin #38 as well.


Readers who wish to avoid the spoilers and maintain the suspense should stop reading now.


No really, don’t read any further.


Last chance…


The solicitation and the new cover reveal in fact that Bruce Wayne will be successful in bringing his son Damian back from the grave to retake the title of Robin.  The cover for the issue reveals Damian, very much alive and once-again wearing the Robin costume.  Full solicitations for the month of January will be released by DC later today and posted on TheBatmanUniverse.Net.



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