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When I first started to compile a psychological profile of the Thomas Wayne Batman I had him pegged as a stone cold killer. A man bereft of memories because they were too painful. A man who had chosen a life medicine but spurned it for a life of deadly vengeance. He habituated casinos that reflected his willingness to gamble away all his gains. He lurked in a stark Batcave beneath an empty mansion because he deserved no high born trappings and none of the benefits of wealth. He was a man that rejected leadership as it was too close to a family dynamic and a family was the one thing that was taken from Dr. Wayne.


At the very least you could label him as “Asocial”, someone who is averse to society, will not conform to its norms and rejects its standards. Perhaps he is a Sociopath, someone who shows a lack of remorse, has shallow emotions, a grandiose sense of self and an incapacity for love.


An incapacity for love?


Much of what I outlined above is true, but an incapacity for love? Not true.


What is undeniable though is his responsibility for the world that changed around him (not in the “Flashpoint” sense) and the effect on his friends and family. Martha Wayne was well on her way to madness before Thomas turned to the Knight of Vengeance. As Thomas delivered the news of Joe Chill’s death she had already cut herself with a macabre grin. But he may have been directly responsible for her transforming into the Joker. His rejection of medicine, the acceptance of gambling and his own transformation into the crepuscular avatar of revenge surely pushed her over the edge. Even after the grip of insanity had taken Martha she could still see what had become of Thomas Wayne.




As the Thomas Wayne Batman tried to appeal to the last grain of sanity in Martha Wayne’s mind, his admission that his son that survived in another life and followed in his footsteps was too much for Martha to bear.



In a world of justice this would have meant hope to Martha. But that is not the world Thomas Wayne built. The symbol of the Bat meant terror in her world. It meant murder and a never ending flow of blood. The hands that should have wielded a scalpel picked up the sword instead. In our world the symbol of the Bat meant fear yes, but to most it meant justice by someone who was unafraid to go where normal men tread.



Even in his final act the Thomas Wayne Batman brought the vengeance of death. The only justice he knew came with the ultimate price. Was this who he was? Was this the world he left behind him? Was he totally without remorse, a pathological killer devoid of all morality?


No, there was hope. Even in his darkest hour Thomas Wayne knew he had followed the wrong path. He couldn’t save his wife and his world was in tatters but a flicker of decency remained. A final note to the son he had lost turned that flicker into a flame.




Thomas Wayne was a man of many things, none of which he was proud of. But he was not a man bereft hope, a glimmer of which came to him in a Flash. In a world torn asunder that was crumbling beneath his feet Doctor Thomas Wayne still had the capacity to heal. The man of medicine was still there. Doctor Thomas Wayne was not a well man but in that hollow broken shell there was the capacity for love and in the end it led to his salvation.


Posted by Dave Healey

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  • alex

    you are aware that this was just a alternate version of thomas wayne right what i mean to say is the real thomas wayne from the comics would never have chosen this life as you stated only someone who has supressed all their rage and anger their whole life combined with a horrid trauma would have chosen this path but thomas wayne the real thomas wayne from the mainstream batman comics showed absolutley no signs of this behaivor nor his wife martha and in the event of there son being killed sure they wouldve been devastated by it but it certainly woudnt have destroyed them if anything it would have mad them both stronger so yes the thomas wayne of flashpoint was not a well man but the real thomas wayne the one from the dcu reality was the appitemy of well i am just stating that there is a distinction between realism and fiction in this article but it dosent make it any less meaningful

  • alex

    please somebody awnser my letter i need to know if you agree

  • Don't worry Alex, I'm perfectly aware that this is an alternate version of Thomas Wayne.  One of the best things of the "Flashpoint" series, especially for Batman, was how history could be perverted by a single act.  The classic, "what if" scenario.  It gave us a unique view into the psyche of the Batman, this time as the father, instead of the grieving son.  The irony of which was that the man of healing was forced into a twisted and morbid life of revenge at any cost.  A life made more horrific by the fate of his wife. 

    It was a terrific series Alex and I hope you enjoyed my review.  Thanks so much for the feedback!

  • alex

    allright but what if scenarios dont always mean perversion but i agree sorry for the late response

  • alex

    or did you mean that flashpoint presented the idea of how history could be perverted by a single act

    • Alex, I think with these scenaros we always get a different angle on how history can be changed by a single act.  That is what makes them so interesting.  There was a JLA three issue mini series back in 1998 called, "The Nail".  Have you read it? It deals with Jon and Martha Kent getting a nail in their car tire and missing their date with destiny.  Therefore no Superman.  It's actually quite good.

      As far as the word "perversion" is concerned that is a matter of semantics.  We could use "changed" or "altered" just as well. I think in this case I meant that in the Flashpoint scenario history was "perverted" because the outcome was so radically different than the history we are all familiar with.  It was rather ingenious I'd say.

      Be good Alex!