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Review: Batman/Superman #32

batman supermanSynopsis: Tomasi’s Superman storyline continues to crossover into this month’s issue with Superman now teaming up with both Batman and Wonder Woman in search of the imposter Superman. They all meet up just outside Chinese airspace and discuss the imposter’s recent breakout from A.R.G.U.S . Wonder Woman adds that this imposter truly believes that he is the Man of Steel.


As the team flies across the Chinese border, they are hit by soundwaves that bring them all to the ground. There, they encounter the superhero team known as “The Great Ten”. The team demands that the Trinity leave immediately. Wonder Woman notes that there are not ten metahumans present but only seven while Superman announces that they will leave once they have finished their investigation.


Following a brief fight that ends with Superman saving the group from one of their own teammates, everyone takes a moment to talk about their recent findings. Batman tells the team that the energy signature matching Superman’s was seen at the Loess Plateau in a province within Chinese borders.


They all travel to a laboratory where they interrogate a scientist only to discover that she has been stealing Superman’s residual solar energy flares and channeling them into a human. Suddenly she releases the man who flies away. The Great Ten place the scientist under arrest and tell Superman they will search for the runaway Superman so long as he stays within Chinese borders. Everyone agrees to keep an open line of communication regarding this new lab experiment along with the imposter Superman still currently at large.


The issue ends with the imposter Superman showing up at Lois Lane’s apartment wishing to talk.


Thoughts: As I previously said, this is a tie in to Tomasi’s bigger Superman crossover story. Along with not having followed that crossover as well as not keeping up with this particular title, I was not really engaged during this issue. The artwork was really great but there just seems to be a lot happening in this storyline that I would have had to know in order to appreciate what transpired in this tie in issue. We got to see some diversity among the superheroes within the world which is always refreshing but their big brawl amounted to nothing more than page filler with how quickly they made up after Superman saves one of their teammates (Martha!).


The artwork was very good here and, since the penciller was Doug Mahnke, I was not too surprised. His attention to detail and line work really captured each member of the Trinity’s facial expressions and personality. With Batman’s uniform redesign for Rebirth, I was concerned that few artists could make it look as good as Capullo drew it (although I am not totally thrilled with it). I have to say that Mahnke nailed it and actually drew certain aspects better (ex. his cowl) in my opinion.


Stories like this can be really great if you are plugged into the larger event but I just have not been following Superman’s stories in the New 52 for the most part. That will most likely change with Tomasi and Gleason taking over the title with Rebirth. It was kind of interesting that they used this title to introduce us to the new Chinese Superman that will be headlining a title with the Rebirth launch. The reasons for him being created were not explained but it was kind of interesting to see how he received his energy and Kryptonian powers.


Overall, this issue was fine I am sure as a tie-in but as a standalone issue it just did not appeal to me.


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