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Ben Affleck has Written a Solo Batman Script

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Not even a week after Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice divided critic and public opinion, news has hit us that the Caped Crusader himself Ben Affleck has written a script for a solo Batman film.


Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, co-CEO of WME Patrick Whitesell revealed that Affleck had signed on for Justice League part 1 and 2, and that “there’s a script that he’s written that is a really cool [Batman] idea, so that’s out there as an option.” While Whitesell left out Batman’s confirmed extended cameo in this summer’s Suicide Squad, the news that Affleck has written a script for his own film is extremely exciting. Whether the film is a prequel, sequel or inbetwequel and whether the actor would direct himself is all guess work at this point, but hopefully more news comes out soon followed swiftly by a release date.


No doubt The Dark Knight himself will be asked about this in future interviews, so here’s hoping we’re not clinging to this tantalizing bit of information for too long. Are you excited for solo Batman film spearheaded predominately by Ben Affleck? Let us know below!

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