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Review: Catwoman #48

catwomanMy Al Pacino quote I used from my initial of Catwoman continues to be the theme for Catwoman #48. Catwoman continues to feel the far the Calabrese family touch can impact. Now Selina is out of good ole Gotham City and in the land of liberal grossness per Ted Cruz, New York City. What could possibly go wrong for Selina in the Big Apple? Plenty. Can we just get an issue of her being a foodie and wine sniffer?


Well Selina is being held at gunpoint by the NYPD for a murder she didn’t commit. Selina has to escape New York and make way to her safe house to figure out her next moves.


Selina makes her way to her safe house and then we get stuck with a joker trying to break in to a panic room while sporting corn rolls. Whoops wrong movie. Selina makes her way to Gotham City to breath in the fresh rot from the bay. Selina has to deal with the fallout from the Black Mask Gang War and has to deal with the Penguin as he rears his ugly head. Anytime the Penguin and Catwoman appear on the same panel people beckon to Batman Returns. I simply do not see the worth in comparing these two to Burton’s version. The showdown between Penguin and Catwoman is enjoyable it simply lacks anything to be excited about. Selina gets to keep the loot and embarrass Penguin at the same time. Catwoman wins again.


In recent news Catwoman has seen a bump in sales after the creative team change. Tieri and Miranda has brought some fresh life into this series and it sad to see Valentines run wasn’t a sales success. This continues to show the disparity in gender/race in comic creative teams.


Lastly this will be my last month reviewing comics and it has been a pleasure to review comics. I’ll continue my weak analogies and allusions to movies with the clients. I’ve never really been a big Catwoman fan and I’ve enjoyed it portrayals by Michelle Phieffer’s and Hathaway’s portrayal.


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