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DC Films News and Rumors Weekly Update

From a supposed listing of the DC films actually in development, to a bunch of tidbits from Shazam!, this week’s update has enough news and rumors to get you through this cold winter month. Here is your weekly update of the announcements and rumors that have released from January 19-January 25.


Revenge of the Fans has posted a few bits of news regarding the future of DCEU. They are claiming that DC will create their own news show that will focus solely on the movies. This is an an attempt to prevent leaks and rumors from dirtying the waters. Though if they think anything is going to prevent rumors and leaks they have far more faith in the Internet than I do.  And it looks like the site itself is going to squeeze every ounce of rumors they can until that show comes to fruition because they have a few exclusives (get your salt shakers ready) on the DC film slate. First up is that there will be an official announcement soon for a sequel to Man of Steel. The lack of news on the film has been blamed on the response to Justice League and I think we can just assume going forward that every rumor will include the phrase “the response to Justice League.” The actual list of upcoming movies is also far shorter than fans think with the only “truly” in-development films being:


  • Aquaman
  • Shazam!
  • Wonder Woman 2
  • Suicide Squad 2
  • Flashpoint
  • The Batman


While not on the list, Nightwing is expected to receive a big update that will place it firmly on the above list, much like Man of Steel 2.


Margot Robbie seems to be in a race with Ben Affleck when it comes to being mentioned in rumors as The Wrap is reporting that while she will reprise her role as Harley Quinn, it’s not confirmed which actual movie she’ll appear in first. The site posits that she will show up in Suicide Squad 2, Birds of Prey, and a Joker and Harley film. If we believe the film slate above, it’s safe to assume her next appearance will be in Suicide Squad 2 as the other two films are still in the scripting stages.


Now last week we went to press before the rumor mill went crazy regarding Gotham City Sirens following the article on The Wrap because it simply didn’t mention the project. “The film is dead!” decried sites everywhere. As we’ve learned over the past few years, these films are in a constant state of flux. Nightwing got a director then went silent, Flashpoint’s turnover rate on directors has been astounding, and Shazam! seemed to come out of nowhere from rumored to officially filming. Just because we’re not seeing Gotham City Sirens being mentioned doesn’t actually mean anything. If I were a betting man, I’d wager that we’d see Gotham City Sirens before a Joker and Harley movie. It all depends on audience reactions and box office earnings. So let’s not call a film dead until the studio comes out and says so. Bam Smack Pow has a great argument that the film is still alive and kicking, so I’d suggest reading through it and forming your own take.


As for a movie that’s actually 100% in development, Cinema Blend is reporting that Suicide Squad 2 will be bringing back El Diablo who met his explosive demise in the original. Now, DC, you do actually plan to have actual death in your film about a team of expendable bad guys, right? The rumor stemmed from a picture of actor Jay Hernadez working out alongside his former cast members from Suicide Squad. Then again, maybe he just ran into them at the gym. I always run into people I know at the gym. Just kidding, I don’t go to the gym.


If you’re sad that Superman isn’t getting the love that Batman and Wonder Woman are getting, then you’ll be happy to know that according to Revenge of the Fans, our boy in blue will be showing up in Shazam! in 2019. Apparently Superman will be a beacon of hope that inspires young Billy Batson. DC is really pushing hard to forget the Superman of Man of Steel and bringing him more in line with his comic book namesake. Though this could also be a quick cameo similar to Batman (or The Flash) in Suicide Squad. And I’m just going to refrain from making a mustache joke, so let’s move on.


On the subject of Shazam!, actor Zachary Levi has shared on image of himself in the makeup trailer for the film. So it looks like filming should be starting incredibly soon. With filming starting, we’ve also got a new addition to the cast. Deadline is reporting that Marta Milans (No Tomorrow) is joining the film as a foster parent in Billy Batson’s home. As for Ron Cephas Jones, who was first announced to join the cast as The Wizard, there was a bit of an error in the announcement. Jones will still be playing a wizard, but in the film he will be known as Shazam, the one responsible for Billy gaining his powers. It’s these small little errors that can lead to rampant speculation, so I’m glad we got a clarification from David Sandberg.


In the coming weeks, the film should take over the narrative of the DCEU so it’ll be interesting to see how Warner Bros. and DC hype a character who is not as well known as their other heroes. Let us know if you’re hyped for Shazam! in the comments below. We’ll be back next week with even more news, rumors and Lindsay Lohan as Batgirl fanart.

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