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DCU Spotlight: Can Green Lantern Become the Next Harry Potter?

Editor's Note: This was submitted by our very own forum member Scarecrow756. He gives a unique perspective as to the future of the possible franchise.


Green Lantern


With Green Lantern hitting UK cinemas and anticipation from fans has reached an absolute boiling point, clamor for reviews as well as today, June 17th, I thought it would be a good chance to sit and reflect on an issue. The question is can Green Lantern be the next Harry Potter? By this I mean can it be a big enough franchise replace the much beloved movie franchise. Before anyone cries foul over this claim, let us look at the evidence that we have. Firstly as everyone knows, the Potter franchise ends this July with Deathly Hallows Part 2 and Warner Bros. have already hired a writer to write a treatment for Green Lantern 2. So if you add both of these facts up, it seems pretty obvious that Warner Bros. is looking to Green Lantern as the next big thing. Plus if you take into consideration the way Warner Bros has been marketing this movie especially in the last month that that conclusion which I came to seems intuitive. As a fan of Green Lantern comics, I think the new movie can spin a franchise to match that of its predecessor, maybe even possibly surpass it and here is why.


The mythology of Green Lantern is massive, to date there are five Lanterns that are of Earth origin. Plus take into consideration the years the comic book has been around. The character`s first appearance was in 1941. And from that there is seventy years of mythology to draw from, for a movie. Though from the look of the film, it looks like it is basing its stories, characterizations on the Geoff Johns run of the character, which began in 2004 and is still currently going on. But even if you take the latter statement into consideration that is still a lot of stories to draw on, at least over five years worth.


Also Green Lantern as a mythology can be stretched so much that it can keep going as a franchise. For example, I think that the first few movies if it does become a franchise, then those will focus on Hal Jordan and Sinestro. Then you can focus on say another Green Lantern from earth such as John Stewart or Guy Gardner. You could make the story earth based for one movie as the Lantern is trying to cope with his power. Or if the public likes an alien Lantern in one of the movies, you could do a spin off movie, with that character. Or if you think of the possibility of genre, you can play around with that too. Just to throw some ideas out there, you could do a whole war type movie, focusing on a group of Lanterns in training or a mystery movie where some Lanterns are trying to find something. Plus just to tie it back to the comic books for a second, you could just follow their whole story line where different colored corps get introduced and bring in the whole War of light as well as “The Blackest Night” which would be amazing to see.


However despite the great amount of potential Green Lantern has as a movie franchise. Let’s take a second to look at the other side of the coin and see why Green Lantern could not be the next Harry Potter. In order to access this, we have to go back to talk about Potter. Firstly, no matter how popular Green Lantern becomes I don`t think it could outdo Harry Potter. This is because it was a series that turned a whole generation onto reading. In addition, its fan base is absolutely vast, from little children who grew up with it, to teenagers, to adults and families. Green Lantern does not have that type of appeal; I think that the movie has tried very hard in broadening its appeal (more on this later).


The only thing that I think can really appeal universally in regards to Green Lantern is the overall message of us as humans have the will to overcome any obstacle and we see Hal Jordan as the best representation of that idea. In addition, you got to ask the question as to whether or not something as fantastical as Green Lantern will do well with an audience who are used to the grim and gritty comic book movies such as Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. If you look at the correlation of movies having done well in the last decade they have been those types of superhero movies which I have mentioned. Also you got to question whether or not audiences are tired of comic book movies, and whether this could ruin Green Lantern`s chances of becoming a flourishing movie franchise. These are the things that could go against Green Lantern becoming the next Harry Potter; now I am just briefly discuss whether or not I think that Green Lantern will do well overall as the movie that is about to come out.


As alluded to earlier, I think that Green Lantern has tried very hard in broadening its appeal. You first got its star; Ryan Reynolds who I think can appeal to both the comic book fan, for his performance as Deadpool and to the ladies, who love him in romantic comedies. Blake Lively could appeal to the teenage boys’ crowd or to young girls growing up as a role model, or even women who like strong female characters. Mark Strong could be appealing to fans as his performance as Sinestro. You got Geoffrey Rush, Peter Sarsgaard, Tim Robbins and Michael Clarke Duncan who have been in some very good movies that could get the film buffs to exclaim “Interesting, I might go and see that” At the same time they all provide legitimacy to the movie in the same way that Marlon Brando and Jack Nicholson did both with Superman and Batman respectively back in the day. And also I think the concept might bring people in, or simply people think it’s one of the summer blockbusters that they have to see.


Overall, I think that Green Lantern despite its problems has the makings of a great movie franchise, which could far surpass the Harry Potter movie franchise, but the general audience is always hard to predict, whatever the result I will be there today, with a little bit of blue for hope for one of my favorite characters in comic dom.


Posted by Sartaj Singh from Scarecrow756's Movie Shrine

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