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Nightwing Gets His First Elseworlds with The New Order



The writer of the New 52 Nightwing series Kyle Higgins will be revisiting the hero this August to give him his first Elseworlds story. Titled New Order, the book is set in an authoritarian, dystopic future where Dick Grayson is the leader of the Crusaders, a task force set on hunting down super powered people. He is forced to reconsider his position when the system sets his own family as targets. Forced to rebel against it, Dick Grayson will get help from the people he has been helping hunt: the last metahumans.


Higgins will be pairing with Trevor McCarthy, the same duo responsible for bringing us the New York Times’ bestseller Batman: Gates of Gotham. In the official press release, Higgins explains why he chose to set a story such as this in the future:


My all-time favorite DC books throw characters we know and love into future worlds that are equal parts familiar and terrifying, laced with moral issues that aren’t black and white or easily solved,” says Higgins. “Ultimately, these stories say something about our world. And that’s what we are aiming to do with this Nightwing story, through the lens of a future generation of heroes.”


Nightwing: The New Order #1 will start monthly on August 23 and is planned for a six issue run.

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