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Episode 104

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Join me and special guest…wait and see! I have a box full of listener emails that I respond to before my guest and I talk briefly on Suicide Squad #58, then do a full review of the ‘Legerdemain’ storyline taking place in Suicide Squad #59-62. My guest also takes a moment to clear the air on some things! On my own, I review Batgirl #42, Batgirl Annual #3, and Gotham Academy #8. Chris gives his Batman ’66 review on #25, and Babs in the Tube and my literature recommendation round out the episode.


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  • Just a comment on Steph’s portrayal – Genevieve Valentine said in a podcast recently that Steph is, in her conception, very much a fangirl and excited about being a hero (www.blogtalkradio.com/graphicpolicy/2015/08/11/graphic-policy-radio-with-guest-genevieve-valentine – I transcribed it here – http://stephaniebrown.wikia.com/wiki/CATWOMAN_43). There is a distinct difference in tone between here and Batman Eternal – but even in Eternal, especially when Lafuente was on art, Steph had her moments of being very exciteable and happy – see also the geeking out over Catwoman in Batman Eternal #43, and the tussling with Harper’s brother in #52. Also, Lafuente’s art and Spoiler actually being competent was worth a lot (especially since I really only bought the issue for Steph, a $1 a page value! 🙂

    I know we disagree about the way the current Batgirl creative team views and talks about Stephanie Brown, but I was worried that their portrayal of her in the Annual would be an incompetent hero who needs Batgirl to accomplish anything, and this team-up was much more one where Stephanie was definitely in training, but a worthwhile hero in her own right. Plus, really cute, as Lafuente usually is.

  • Mary

    I think Spyrl should invest in some “Butt Hypnos” for Dick. That’s how Midnighter recognized him in Grayson. I can just see the line-up for the jewel theft he just committed. “Number 3, Step forward. Now turn around.” Would this even hold up in a court of law? One advantage of Dick becoming Batman would be that the cape would cover his most memorable feature.
    Thanks for another entertaining podcast.

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  • I’m a new listener and I’ve also recently returned to reading comics after a 20 plus year break. I’m enjoying the podcast. I did want to make a point regarding the discussion surrounding whether or not Barbara would take her own life. In the Arkham Knight game, Batman was under the influence of the fear toxin and only hallucinated that Barbara shot herself. So your thoughts about Barbara being able to fight through the fear is still intact.