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Episode 109: Interview with John Ostrander

BTO E109 Pic

It is a pleasure and honor to welcome John Ostrander to the show, where he talks about his time on Suicide Squad. He describes his entrance into comics, writing different members of the Suicide Squad, and how he was able to find Amanda Waller’s voice. We also spend time on the introduction and journey of Oracle throughout his work.


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  • Ian Miller

    Really great interview! Loved the insights into Babs as Oracle’s creation, even if it’s depressing that DC didn’t care about her at the time. I have zero faith that DC will respect Barbara in the video version of The Killing Joke. All the buzz surrounding it is Joker/Batman hype – there’s no sense of the seriousness of the issues involved.

    I hope when you get to the Birds of Prey, you’ll be able to have Chuck Dixon on again! His insight into shaping Barbara’s character, particularly in her relationship with Dinah, would be fascinating!

  • Good interview, Stella! It expanded the story from ‘The Killing Joke’ special (Ep. 83 &84).

    I haven’t read ‘Suicide Squad’, but this interview made it sound like a well constructed series.

  • Donovan Morgan Grant

    Fantabulous work, the both of you!

  • Jim Bal

    Good on ya, Stella. This episode is fantastic. Thanks for a great interview, asking good questions and allowing Ostrander to answer. Keep at it!