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Episode 114



BBFB: Batman: Road to No Man's Land


0:00:00 Intro
0:01:30 Comic News
0:14:02 Detective Comics #19
0:38:55 Batman #19
0:58:46 Batman and Robin #19
1:26:31 Batgirl #19
2:26:21 BBFB
2:34:48 Closing
2:38:27 Outtakes



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  • Alex

    I want to write this quick before I forget and will write a "real comment" later. I'm listening to the Batgirl section right now and I have to thank you. Every review I saw or heard has given Batgirl 19 high reviews of 5/5 's or 9/10. I had to look in the mirror to see if I was crazy. It was an absolutely horrible issue. I hated Gail Simone's writing style and especially the narrations. Is this how it's been pre-Death of the Family? Was it this bad in Secret Six? I remember really liking Secret Six, except for when it first started and the relationship stuff.  Everyone I heard from praised that transgender scene for being so respectful and "masterfully done". I know it's just because a lot people just want to see more  LGBT elements in the media as a long as it's not super sexualized, just for politically correctness, rather than making good characters that happen to be apart of the LGBT community.  And I hope that doesn't sound disrespectful, because I don't look at people as "communities".  I look at people as people.  I remember the polygamous marriage in Secret Six getting such high praise from critics. Thank you for telling us about the complaints you heard from members from the LGBT community, because it does make it out like it's a joke. I hate when writers make characters defined by race, gender, sexuality, financial status, or any disability  and then are awarded by crtics just so they can win brownie points. Pre- Dark Knight Rises, I saw critics calling Bruce Wayne  asexual because there weren't any sex scenes. It's become a competion on who can APPEAR  the most progressive and I find it repulsive. I wish people who just stand up for what they genuinely believe in and even  if it wasn't executed very well, I'd still applaud any effort.

  • Alex

    Great episode guys! Regarding the end bloopers, you guys deserve so much praise! The reason why I like the Batman Universe podcasts so much is not only because you're so honest, but respectful to eachother and your audience. It's so refreshing. It actually makes your pocast come off as more positive then others, because it's so genuine. I've listened to a lot of podcasts where the hosts gush about things, but treat their opinions as facts, making me feel stupid for disagreeing with them or. Or make me feel inferior for things I really like, but made to feel inferior because I didn't like it "the right way". There's also podcasts where the hosts always give hight scores because they don't want to offend anyone or loose listeners, therefore you never know the worth of the appraisal.  You all have unique opinions and always give thorough explanations to support them. Even if there's an issue you don't like, you guys always find something positive to say about it.  You guys explain what you like and dislike, and are respectful about it, so I do not understand the complaints. You've been nothing but humbe, and has influenced the way I analyze media. Thank you!



  • Ryan

    Hello TBU,

    Long time listener but first time commenting…just wanted to say that you guys are doing a tremendous job. Personally I'm not one to go out every week and purchase single issues (I usually wait for the collected editions of a trade paperback…insert comment from Dustin on him disliking trades lol) so it's amazing to here what's going on in the New 52 when it concerns Batman and his allies. I was eagerly anticipating your reviews on Batman Inc #8 and all the subsequent "Requiem" titles. It was sad to hear about the death of Damian, but even more dissappointing to here that DC isn't utilizing "Requiem" as they should be.

    My question revolves around the demise of this beloved character. As we know in comics dead isn't always dead, moving off of this point how would you all feel about a "return" of Damian? And if so, how long would you deem appropriate for Damian to come back?

    Personally I would love to see him stay dead, I know that sounds horrible…but I feel that his sacrifice would seem underrated and cut short if they chose to bring him back. But unforunately I'm not heading up DC comics.

    Again, you are all awesome! Love the honest opinions on the comics and the discussions that you guys get into.

    Thanks 🙂


  • Jason

    Hello – I’m new to comics since the relaunch of the new 52 and I’ve come to really enjoy your podcasts and you have helped fill in the blanks for many of the Bat-Books. In regards to Batman & Robin #19, I really loved Frankenstein's interaction with Batman. It was quite emotional and funny at the same time. Since I didn’t know anything about Lazarus Pit – this interaction didn’t really bother me and it opened the DCU to include something I didn't know about before. Now, after doing some quick research – I hope they do explain in further issues why Batman doesn’t use the pit.


    This may be off topic but there seems to be many readers wondering what DCU is doing with Tim Drake. I seem to recall that you were saying that Tim might go villain? Since this is the year of the villain – do you think Tim might change sides? I just finished reading Justice League #19 – and the thief has access to the Batcave (finger scan – retinal scan). It would be interesting to have a series that is from a villain's perspective – would they use Red Robin as that experiment (Or have they done this before)? Bruce and Tim’s relationship seems pretty strained and it feels like the writers don’t know what to do with him. Thanks for your time and keep up the great work!

  • Jay

    As a gay guy, here's my two cents. I pretty much agree with the the poster above as well as you guys, particularly Donovan. I too think it's great that there is a transgendered character in the DCU, but thought the way she was introduced to be flawed. It may have been that Simone was trying to show that things like that should be no big deal, hence the lack of drama.  But it just felt shoehorned in to me. I hope she doesn't come to be defined strictly as "the transgendered one". I've never really read Secret Six, so I can't speak to that.

    Anyway, love the show.  Couldn't put it anymore succinctly than Alex did.  Been listening for a year or two, but only commented infrequently on the old boards (as JJJJokerface).  Congratulations, Stella and Don!!

  • Joe Jinks

    Not sure if it's good or bad that I missed this episode. It definitely would've been longer if I was on; I found myself disagreeing with a lot of your opinions. I'd have given Detective: 4, Batman: 4.5, B&R: 3.5 and Batgirl: 3. Maybe I'll get a chance to explain myself next episode but I wasn't nearly as upset by this fortnight as the rest of the gang.

  • David

    Hey guys, love the podcast.  

    You guys do an awesome job of reviewing the comics in a fair and entertaining way.