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Episode 125



BBFB: Batman: No Man's Land Part 3


0:00:00 Intro
0:01:47 Comic News
0:35:28 Batman #24
0:52:46 Detective Comics #24
1:04:33 Batgirl #24
1:23:06 Forever Evil: Arkham War #1
1:50:23 BBFB
2:03:53 Listener Q&A's
2:34:51 Closing
2:36:30 Outtakes



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  • The Co-Host Fomerly Known as Don

    Great episode guys! Excellent flow throughout, and entertaining as ever!

    In the lead up to yet another Batman crossover, many have complained that the books are getting sucked into Scott Snyder's world with each year. As much as I might agree, it must be said that Bat-Crossovers have plagued the DC Universe on a fairly regular basis since Knightfall. While they weren't as repetitive as they might be seen now, stories like Last Laugh, No Man's Land, Murderer/Fugitive, War Games and RIP did enmesh books like Nightwing, Birds of Prey and Robin and are generally looked back on more favorably. Do you think there is a difference in how DC approaches Bat-Crossovers now in the new52 as opposed to before?

    Also with Batgirl, it's been said by Dustin that much of the drama in the current story arc could be solved easily if Babs simply told her father about her double identity. Gail Simone doesn't seem to be going that route, so how would you three predict this story will end up. Not what should happen or what you'd like to see happen, but based on the issues leading up to its end, what do you think will happen?

    Finally, which DC Superhero do you enjoy seeing team up with Batman and why? A usual answer may be Superman, although I'd argue that stories tend to vascilate between the World's Finest heroes enjoying each other's company, and the Dark Knight Returns bastard children of the two not getting along and complaining throughout their crossover. What are some others? The Flash? Black Canary? Martian Manhunter?

  • Corbin

    That's an interesting question, Don. Does the classic Bruce & Dick count?… I'm gonna say that's a cheat. Even thought I do like their interaction when they aren't arguing. Even though it rarely happens, I'm gonna go with the Green Arrow / Batman combination. I liked their banter back and forth in the Justice League Unlimited cartoon, as well as in Injustice. Just wish I could see more of that. 

  • Chris Karnes

    Another fine, thorough episode as usual.

    Did anyone catch the nod in Batman #24 to the cover of Detective Comics #27 and the nod to Bob Kane with "B.K. was here" scrawled on the wall? 

    Keep up the great work!

  • Terry

    Hey guys, another great episode.  I did have a few thoughts about your discussion of Joker's identity and the fact that whoever was being Red Hood 1 (since it apparently wasn't the guy who Bruce thought it was since that guy was dead).


    I read the whole arc as a big fake-out and that it was done kinda tongue-in-cheek by Snyder.  I personally didn't read that the Red Hood 1 character was supposed to be Joker as much as it was set up from the beginning as someone who you were supposed to assume was Joker but who was not in the end.  I may be alone in thinking this, but personally I thought that if any of the Red Hood Gang was the person was the man who later became the Joker that it might even be the guy at the beginning of Issue 24 who claims to be a chemistry teacher and who says that he was blackmailed into participating.  But even if that isn't true, I think the fact that Alfred references that the identity of the Red Hood leader is a "multiple choice possibility" pretty much is a direct call to the Joker saying in Killing Joke that his origin is multiple choice in a way that lets you think that this guy was the Joker if you want or that it isn't if you want.  


    Either way, just my thoughts.  Keep up the good work.