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Episode 131

Welcome Darrin and Ruth Sutherland to the show! After talking about their comic-origin and love for Green Arrow and the writer Mike Grell, we review the 1996 story “Iron Death” which appeared in Green Arrow #115-117. We also review Batgirl and the Birds of Prey #5 and Batgirl #6. Chris’s Batman ’66 review and my literature recommendations finish off the episode.


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  • Donovan Morgan Grant

    Chris: “The answers to these bawdy, batty, baritone, baffling, bewildering, baited, bare-handed, barbaric bemoans..!” WOWWWWWW

    I’m sorry the Steed and Peel crossover sucked for Chris. Maybe a different writer would’ve been a better fit?

    • Chris Karnes

      Donovan, I listened to that and I don’t know how you were able to transcribe it. WOWWWWWW to you! A different writer? Yeah. While I read an interview with Edgington and he seemed to have a handle on the characters, this story just didn’t satisfy me overall. When I read mediocre to bad Batman ’66 stories in the past, I (fairly or not) made assumptions and/or allowances that the writer(s) were restricted to the digital first format. I guess I’m just not as forgiving these days. But hey, here’s hoping Batman ’66 meets Wonder Woman ’77 will be satisfying. Thanks for the posting the comment; I appreciate it!

      Stella, simple math: great host + great guests = a great show. You’ve done it again! By the way, I loved your assessment of Christopher Reeve as Clark Kent. Yes, the pacing of the movies were a bit slow compared to today’s stuff. But I am glad you got through the first two movies. That said, I’d say you shouldn’t be in any rush to see the latter (and much weaker) two. Thanks for the kind words!

      • Chris Karnes

        And one more thing, speaking of Mike Grell … he did the artwork on the story entitled “The Invader From Hell” in Batman Family #1 that Babs and Dick ‘shippers know was where Batgirl surprised Robin with a kiss that tilted his back and shocked and embarrassed him, after Robin gave her a peck on the cheek and a comment that she shouldn’t be out crimefighting at the end of the story. A great, classic moment that generated a lot of comments in the subsequent letters column and masterfully drawn by Mike Grell; the poses and facial expressions were perfect! A must-have story for any Babs and Dick ‘shippers out there.

  • Ian Miller

    Stella – I was surprised no one mentioned that Gus’s last name seems to be an homage to Kim Yale, Oracle’s co-creator.