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Episode 172

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What happened at New York Comic Con that causes us to discuss the future of the Bat-Books? What series that never ended could make a return? How long do we talk about Scott Snyder in this episode? Find out and listen to our reviews of Batman #45, Detective Comics #45 and Batman and Robin Eternal #1-2 in the latest episode. Be sure to leave your comments below for the next episode.


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  • Ian Miller

    Excellent podcast! Loved the discussion of Stephanie Brown all over the podcast – she got some of the best lines in Batman and Robin Eternal #2, and it was so funny hearing Dustin quote them. All the Tim/Stephanie shipping made me gleeful as well – though if you’re right about Tim Drake being killed off, that would make me very sad. Regarding Stella’s comments about consistency between the characterization of Stephanie, I think the main jarring difference is between Stephanie in Batman Eternal/Batgirl Annual (and the forthcoming Batgirl #46!)/Batman and Robin Eternal/Detective Comics: Endgame and Genevieve Valentine’s Catwoman. While I am really loving Valentine’s Catwoman, she clearly approaches the characters with a serious tone that doesn’t match a lot of the other writers. Not that Snyder, Tynion, or the other writers aren’t serious, but they tend to write for a superhero comic, with the elevated reality and bits of humor you might see on a show like The Flash. Valentine is writing a tragic noir/mob crime story, sort of like the film Brick. No one is righteous, no one is pure, and no one is coming out clean in Valentine’s Calabrese family, and I think that tone is why Stephanie is so dark and bitter in Catwoman, but less so in the other titles. Listening to Valentine’s interviews, her own conception of Stephanie is young, eager, vibrant, and funny, but the overall tone of the book doesn’t allow for that much of a voice shift for the character, I believe. It will be very, very interesting seeing how Valentine’s voice meshes with the other writers in Batman and Robin Eternal.

    As someone who loathes what Frank Miller did to Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson in All Star Batman and Robin, count me as one completely unexcited reader finding out that they might “finish” this mess of a series. Batman should be a hero – a flawed one, but not a child abuser and sadist who has random trysts across the city with whatever female vigilantes happen to cross his path.

    Love the new rating system for the non-spotlight comics – those summaries are very helpful, and the ratings allow me to judge interest for maybe starting a new series!

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  • EG

    Tim Drake is 100% NOT gay. I ship him with Stephanie primarily and Tam as a secondary ship. If you read Batgirl Convergence #2, Tim was going in for sex and Steph was the one that pulled back.

  • Donovan

    Which was weird considering that Tim was and presumably is still a virgin.

  • EG

    Yeah, he was a virgin as far as we know pre-52. I don’t know about him Post-52. His character is a shadow of what it used to be. I think he’s been on-and-off with Cassandra Sandsmark since the relaunch. Who knows. Maybe he and Steph will hook up in Eternal….

  • Stella

    Post-Flashpoint I ship Tim and Harper Row.

  • Don

    To add on to what Dustin and Ed were saying about Scott Snyder, and 2014 I and other interviewers at SDCC were in line at the DC booth for the purposes of interviewing him. He was running about 45 minutes late and when he did arrive he was visibly exhausted and a nervous wreck due to a mix-up with his schedule. Is press agent told everyone that the interviews would have to be supershort and profusely apologized to all of us. I was first in line and when he saw that I was representing TBU, he had nothing but great things to say about us and the site, and that he loved what we do.

    Again he does write things that we won’t always love. I dropped Batman during Zero Year because the story didn’t really interest me, but it was never bad. There can be differences between the creators and the fans over the direction of the characters, but when blank-statements and claims over someone’s character are made personally, we end up looking bad as a fan community. Especially when there’s no empirical evidence to support what we’re claiming. Snyder always reminds me of Tim Drake (pre-Flashpoint) in how utterly earnest and well meaning he comes off.

    Regarding Tim and Harper Row, they could be hot together. Alt. chicks are pretty cool, but at this point I’m just rambling to get Stella going ?

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