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Review: The Jiro Kuwata Batmanga Chapter #33

batmangaWelcome back Batfans! This week brings us the third chapter in the current Batmanga story arc. This week is another great addition to this story and does not disappoint. Although I have been reviewing this series for a short time, I feel confident in saying that this is his finest work. The story continues to grow in a manner that keeps the reader engaged while the art remains top-notch.


This week opens with the dynamic duo feverishly pursuing the truck that had delivered the wax figures on the doorstep of Wayne Manor. I thoroughly enjoy the way Kuwata draws his action sequences. His line work brings the simplistic monochrome images to life in a stunning manner. After stopping the truck with a smoke bomb, Batman and Robin are faced with a slew of masked assailants. However, after a short scuffle, all of the mysterious figures fall to their death as if controlled by an unseen force. This strange new development in the case offers our heroes very little insight into the identity of The Outsider.


Using their heightened detective prowess to search for clues, Batman and Robin are led to the Wayne family crypt. Having Alfred’s body stored in a refrigerated coffin adds a welcomed deal of humor to a particularly dark chapter of the story. This is another stunning example of how Jiro Kuwata is able to effectively capture the essence of the ’66 television series. The trail of clues eventually leads Batman to a particular wavelength of radiation that could potentially reveal the location of The Outsider. However, time is of the essence, if Batman and Robin do not find this fiendish villain in the coming hour, they will surely meet their doom.


This week was another great entry into the Batmanga. Well written dialogue and exceptional art result in a story that should not be missed by any fan of the Dark Knight. Next week will bring the final chapter of this current story arc and I have no doubt that it will end on a very high note.


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