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"Wholly Speculation Batman" Part II: The Suit and Front of the Batmobile

So was Zack Snyder telling us that Batman was hiding underneath the tarp yesterday next to the Batmobile? Apparently the tarp came off, and the cowl came on for our new Batman and his iconic vehicle.



Continuing Look at the Batmobile


To continue our themes from the rear-view tease, there are some things we can catch from this front end look.


1.) The car doesn't seem as long, or narrow as the tease indicated. It has much more of the tumbler in it, as we see heavy looking armored panels. The panels also seem moveable to increase air flow for manuevers and speed. We can see that spoiler on the back may be the focal moving part ot create aerodynamics with the car. This side of the car really focuses on Batman and the middle – so any kind of flattened nose or frontal function is obscured. It won't be until we see bright production stills of this that we will be able to completely understand how it looks.


2.) With regard to the seating capacity, we still don't get a great sense of the space inside. I think it is clear that the hood splits from the middle and slides down to open, but whether the driver will be centered or not isn't clear. Given the perspective with Batman, it seems wide enough for two seats and the wrap around wideshield would also give a sidekick or damsel in distress a view to the outside.


3.) Looking beyond the focus image, we again see that this seems to be parked in a warehouse, or abandoned factory. Choosing Detroit for scenes in Gotham makes it seem more likely that poverty and a city in turmoil could be a theme. It will be no accident if Bruce Wayne is using some old dock house or automobile factory as an armory.


4) Overall, this photo indicates to me that the design teams on this film and the Arkham Knights video game traded notes. The frontal design, especially the wheel mounts and hood feel pulled from the design of the new Batmobile from the new Batman video game.



This would make sense, given that it is the year of the Bat. DC and Warner Bros would want their film and game franchises to mirror each other in look and tone. It is for this reason, that Batman's design is especially puzzling to me.


Batman and the Bat-Suit


1.) I really hope Frank Miller is getting some massive credit or payout for the production of this film. After using his famous "most private moments" line to tease the film at San Diego Comic Con last year, this Batman outfit is a very close adaptation of the Caped Crusader from the second half of The Dark Knight Returns.


a.) Bat Symbol – Big, bloated, and right up front. Emblazed across ben Affleck's chest is the Frank Miller Bat logo – no oval – and wide, less jagged wings. In close up, we can even see it is nicked up. Perhaps from many nights of crime fighting, this wore Bat symbol would be a play on the characterisation of a world-weary, tough Batman.


b.) Short ears – I always like Batman's outfit when ears or shorter. This is also out of Miller's book – although given the casting, it is tough to not see some of the Dare Devil mask in this cowl. The Bat ears almost look like the horns they are so short. But boy, look at that jaw line coming off of the cowl from Affleck. That chin could vanquish evil and beat up Superman.


2.) Cowl – So it would appear that all of the 'real world' 'Nolanisms' added to the suit will be jettisoned, most noteably with the cowl. The cape and mask seem connected again. It would seem odd and a mistake to make it so that Batman can't turn his head, but in this still, the ability to see at 3 and 9 o-clock will be compromised. Also the cape itself seems overly thick in this photo. While I like it when Batman can get some utility out of the cape, this cape looks heavy and combersome to me in this picture. I wasn't totally enamored with the neck of Nolan's Batman, but I really hope a connected cape and cowl does not mean Batman won't be able to turn his head.


3.) Suit/Body Armor – Again, another piece of Bat design that I though we had turned the corner on. I was sure that after Christian Bale showed us what Bat-armor could look like in reality that we would no longer get the rubbery, fake six-pack suit we seem to have here. While not a heavy rubber mold (it looks more like thick fabric really) as the Burton Bat had, this is clearly not as technically advanced armor. You can see stiching in it around the muscles. The arms look to be free enough to move around and fight, so that is a plus to what Michael Keaton's stunt double had to wear, but given my point regarding the Batmobile's design, I am puzzled. The Batman we will see in Arkham Knight definitely has the tech-plating from the Nolan films and to design his Batmobile so much like the game and not have the Batsuit be in the same vein seems weird to me.


4.) Gauntlets – What was one of the nicest tech-touches to the Batsuit in the Nolan films were the gauntlets. They were a tech part of the suit – both serving as armor to block bladed weapons, as well as a space for another gadget (ala the deployable Batarrangs from The Dark Knight). These feel in touch with the rest of the suit as thick leather and made for style over function.


Batman: Noel Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Batman Forever


5.) I think over all that is my thought on this suit so far. It feel much more akin to the the Shumaker suits than Nolan. It even has a codpiece. I have to say I like the style visually. I love Frank Miller's art on Batman, and so to see him in full live action like this is really cool. I also think that the rumored influences of Batman: Noel are also evident. You can see the thick stitching and worn appearance that may be thematically consistant with a worn Batman. It is truy a Jim Lee and Frank Miller inspired statued sillouette of Batman. However, I thought our films had turned the corner on how we would see Batman in live action. Zack Snyder has a different vision, and we will see if this design looks better without the black and white style that was provided us in this still.


What do you think of the Batsuit and Batmobile?


Posted by Bob Holt

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  • Melissa

    I agree with you Bob, the ears are too short.