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Batman-Themed VR Headset Set for Release in the UK

Batman fans are about to get a chance to become the Dark Knight, virtually at least. Upload VR has discovered that manufacturer Skyrocket is set to release Batman-branded VR headsets for smartphones with a companion motion controller. The Batman set is shaded in simple gray coloring and features the bat symbol on the headset itself while the controller mimics the look of a Batarang.


Those who purchase the headset will get to download a free app that features you taking on the role of Batman as he battles the Joker. The visuals seem inspired by the Telltale series with a more cell-shaded look, but the game itself is going to be combat-focused, which is what makes it different from the Batman: Arkham VR that released last year from Rocksteady. There’s no guarantee that you’re actually going to LOOK like Batman as you’re flailing about your living room, so maybe play this one on your own.

As of now there’s no US release date, but those in the UK can pre-order the set (along with a nifty Jurassic World set) through several different online retailers. They haven’t released any footage from the game yet, but would this be something that would make you interested in VR?

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