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TDKR Rumor Mill: Batman and Gordon on Ice?

While the headline may imply something far worse than the truth, Batman and Commissioner Gordon filmed a scene on the ice last night. It appears that not only will it be snowing in Gotham, but it will also be cold enough for the water to freeze. And no that is not implying that Mr. Freeze shows up. First let's take a look at the set courtesy of Sterling Davis Photo.


The Dark Knight Rises Ice Set


The actual set was built on the Los Angeles river. As mentioned it appears that Gordon and Batman have a meeting on the ice. Here are some photos of the scene.


The Dark Knight Rises Ice Scene


The Dark Knight Rises Ice Scene


There are also some videos that have surfaced online, but watch them at your own risk in avoiding any potential spoilers.


This first video shows Christian Bale in shorts at the beginning and then around 1:06 Gordon emerges from the tunnel with his gun drawn.



This next video seems to be the continuation of the same scene with Gordon meeting up with Batman.



What do you think Batman and Gordon are talking about? And why are they meeting on the ice?


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