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TDKR Rumor Mill: More Pics From India

Over the weekend, Nolan and company wrapped up filming in India. On Friday, we showed you an image from the set showing a green screen pit. So what else happened in India. Well, what follows again could be spoilers, so be warned.


Here are some more of the new pics of the rumored pit/well.


The Dark Knight Rises India Pit


The Dark Knight Rises India Pit


So the current rumor is that this may not be a Lazarus Pit after all. As The Times of India reports, it may be a well instead of a pit. Here is the blurb they posted,


Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale's date with India got over on Monday morning, when they took a chartered flight back from Jodhpur to London. Both Nolan and Bale had arrived in India on May 4 and had shot for "The Dark Knight Rises" in front of and inside Jodhpur's Mehrangarh Fort on May 6 and 7. Accompanying Bale on this India trip was Josh Pence, the actor who was digitally superimposed with Armie Hammer's visage to portray one half of the Winklevoss twins in David Fincher's " The Social Network". Pence was recently cast as young Ra's Al Ghul and is one of Batman's greatest enemies.

Incidentally, a green screen was created just outside the Fort. Nolan shot in front of the green screen and used the Fort as the backdrop. Sources say that this backdrop of the Fort has been used to establish that Batman is in an exotic location which is isolated too. However, this backdrop isn't meant to be shown as India in the film. Back in the UK studios, this 30 ft x 30 ft green screen will be digitally modified to create the Lazarus Pit. For those not in the loop, a Lazarus Pit is used by Ra's Al Ghul for gaining restorative powers. Scenes of Bale being carried into the pit and then jumping out of it were also canned. A couple of locals were cast as extras in the scenes that were shot in India.

However, it was not all work and no play for the cast and crew of the film. "Despite the intense heat, filming continued without a hitch and the unit was satisfied with its Indian experience. The unit is supposed to have complimented the professionalism of the On The Road production unit handling the Indian leg of the shooting. On Sunday, the unit had a day off. So, Bale, who was accompanied by two children, took an autorickshaw ride in Jodhpur. However, no one really recognized him since he was wearing a cap and was sporting a beard. Besides, the whole team also went shopping. Bale bought textiles, shawls and pashmina from Jodhpur. The team also loved Indian food that was served to them during the shooting," says a source.

On Monday morning, around 9.30 am, Nolan, along with the cast, left for the UK. The rest of the film will be shot there.


In addition to this article, there was a summary of the shooting completed on The Dark Knight Rises Community Page on Facebook stating,


"Eyewitnesses and crew members told us of a particular scene being filmed, where a bald-headed child wearing ragged clothes emerges from the well and pulls his hood over his head. From the conversations, we reckon this is a young Bane, emerging from a vat of Venom, trained by Pence's Ra's al Ghul. The years of addiction to Venom builds him to be a massive monster with amped up senses, intelligence and physical prowess."


So what could be happening? Well, who knows. I think it might be better to wait until we see it in theaters next July.


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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