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Tim Drake fans should check out Superman #18

For all the Bat-fans out there who are missing Tim Drake in the pages of Detective Comics, you can turn to the pages of today’s issue of Superman to get a brief check-in with the former Robin.


Those who have been following the saga of Tim Drake and the mysterious Mr. Oz will be very interested in the opening pages of Superman #18.


Tim’s escape plan failed during the pages of Detective Comics #947. However, as the accompanying image from Superman #18 shows, Tim is very happy to see that someone made it out. We don’t know who it is, but the successful breakout has Tim Drake grinning ear to ear.


What does this mean for Tim, the mystery of Mr. Oz and Rebirth as a whole? Who is this mysterious prisoner? Post your best theories in the comment section below. My money is on Aunt Harriet. Only she holds the key to repairing the fractured DC Universe.

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  • Tevya Smolka

    my theory it was conner kent aka pre 52 superboy who escaped but who knows if not him maybe it was superboy prime who escaped his prison