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More Details on “We Are Robin”

we are robin


Writer of the upcoming title We Are Robin, Lee Bermejo, gave an interview this week to USA Today discussing some of the plans for the new ongoing ahead of the June solicitations which will be released later this month.


The biggest revelation about the title is that in addition to taking a expanded look at the mantle of Robin using a diverse group of characters (most of whom are presumably new), We Are Robin will focus mainly on Duke Thomas, the young African-American teenager first introduced by Scott Snyder in his epic story-arc “Zero Year” which concluded last year in the pages of Batman.  This is the same Duke Thomas that was later shown to be Robin last September when DC’s New 52 titles all had special “Future’s End” issues.


When the series opens, it really doesn’t have an identity, Bermejo says, but the group knows its mission statement. “It’s one thing to put a hashtag on your Twitter account as a teenager and feel like you’re part of something. It’s a whole other thing when the (stuff) hits the fan and you have to stand up for what you believe in.”


However, focus on these new characters comes at the expense of examining previous characters to have taken up the mantle of Robin, including both Stephanie Brown and Carrie Kelley who have not had much of a presence in the New 52 universe.


Bermejo commented, “I’m not going to rule anything out at this point, but what I’m trying to with this series is not address so much the Robins that have come before but the new generation of teenagers out there, really from various backgrounds.”


He later told USA Today, “You can take that concept of Robin and really play with it and really stretch it and expand upon it and bend it,” he says. “It still will hold resemblance to the core of the character in the Bat-mythos.”


Stay up to date with TheBamanUniverse.Net as the solicitation for issue #1 of We Are Robin is expected later this month and look for TBU’s review of the title in June.

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