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Episode 116: Minority Report

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This is perhaps the most important and more relevant BTO episode to listen to! Join Donovan Morgan Grant and me as we discuss the question: Are minorities represented and presented well in media? Later in the show (around the 3:21:00 mark) hear from people representing different “minority” groups and their thoughts on the same question.


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  • That was a great show, real food for thought. A few random comments that popped into my stupid old heid:

    Ryan Choi came back in Convergence, but I don’t think he’s been seen since.

    Kyle Rayner is Irish-American/Mexican-American – it turns out his CIA agent dad’s name is Vasquez, but his heritage tends to get ignored.

    Conner Hawke is a quarter Korean, a quarter African-American and a quarter Caucasian… so of course, he’s blond! Mind, better a character whose heritage isn’t obvious than have them presented as offensively as Chop-Chop of the Blackhawks and Hal Jordan’s Inuit friend Tom Kalmaku – ‘Pieface’. And let’s not mention Tyroc’s arrival in the Legion of Super-Heroes.

    Misty Knight’s friend Colleen Wing’s parents are Japanese and Chinese, but you wouldn’t know to look at her.

    As it turns out, Emma Frost wasn’t British, just pretentious!

    Away from the comics, the Leopold/Loeb story was also the basis for Hitchcock’s Rope, famous for the ten-minute take experiments but worth a watch because it’s a wonderful thriller.

    Buffy had a bit of gay, when witch Willow switched – and yeah, girlfriend Tara got buried.

    Black Like Me sounds fascinating. I hate the comicbook title, Incognegro, mind. Was this the inspiration for the infamous, but well-meaning, Lois Lane story, I am Curious (Black)?

    I’m appalled to hear that US telly is in the business of curing the paralysed and was going to cite Coronation Street’s wheelchair user Izzy and feel all superior – then I remembered there’s another character Siobhan, who lost the use of her legs… for a month.