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Episode 156

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So another two weeks have gone by and what has really happened in the comic world? Probably nothing, right? Well, there was probably more that happened in the last two weeks as far as news goes than for the past couple of years worth of episodes. Batman #40 delayed? A new Batman? Batman Beyond IS the future of the DC Universe? Price hikes? This and much, much is discussed as well as reviews of Detective Comics #40 and Batman Eternal #48-49. Be sure to leave your thoughts for the next Listenr Q&A’s!


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  • GF Green

    Enjoyed the podcast again, thanks all.

    You asked about how readers would feel about a big change in Batman like the upcoming RoboBatman.

    Changes in a character or cast of characters can be disconcerting but if the new version has an interesting story that is well told and the new character attributes are used in an interesting way it can be fantastic. Who could have imagined Game of Thrones without Ned, or a Vampire taking over Dark Shadows, or the second Dr. Who? All these changes were drastic but worked because the new stories grabbed you and the new characters were interesting. There are more examples of this failing however. It is always a risk but can have a huge payoff if done well.

    It might sound like a cop-out but it is all about the storytelling.

  • Avery

    Hey guys and gal! Great podcast as always!

    About the diversity I think creating new diverse characters is pretty cool. The main thing for me is that all of the most awesome characters are the ones that have years and years of stories and growth and history behind them. Most of those characters are white males, which is fine. However, I think it’s important to start building history on some characters that are different from what we’ve seen. In 75 years Duke Thomas could become a Robin with the clout and stature of Dick, Jason, and Tim. I think that is the key to really making the universe feel diverse, otherwise the universe feels exactly the same except with a few diverse folk sprinkled in strategically. So I realize it’s a somewhat awkward transition right now but my hope is that by the time my kids are ready to read comics they can have some heroes that look like them to look up to. I have no problem with using existing characters and developing them as well I guess what i’m saying is I think we still need more and generally I think changing ethnicities of characters just kind of feels cheap in my opinion. It just tends to be kind of jarring for me. Earth 2 did a good job I think of integrating Val into the fold but that was pretty much at the expense of Clark. I’m rambling now but thanks for reading!

  • Avery

    Sorry for the double post, I also have a quick theory about the new suit. I think the suit is a (gasp!) Harper Rowe design. For one, the color scheme matches the BlueBird color scheme almost exactly. Also, the rabbit ears look a lot like some form of a capacitor which is essentially a device to capture, store, and discharge electricity either to power tthe suit or as some electronic weapon. Lastly we’ve seen Harper grow at a pretty rapid rate, even recently joking back and forth with Tim about who is smarter and better at hacking. So I think something like this would be within her capabilities especially with help from Tim. Just my $0.02.

    PS. Remember that sketch we saw forever ago with one-armed Batman and Bluebird and Lark? Any thoughts on that now that we’re almost finished with Eternal and Endgame?

  • Albert V.

    Hey guys great pod once again, by the time you guys post another episode, hopefully the real big bad is revealed in batman eternal. I have a hard time believing its cluemaster.

    Maybe it is or isnt cluemaster, my question to you guys is….. If you had your choice on any B or C list villian to receive his own major arc, get called up to the big leagues if you will, who would that villian be and why?

  • Robert Lewis

    Great podcast. really enjoying my time here. Hands down the best Batman site on the web….Cluemaster? Really a low level villain pulling off such a major act, I didn’t think so.

  • Michael DeLozier (rhymes with “enclosure”)

    Hello Dustin, Ed, and Stella,

    As always, thank you for another great podcast. A few comments and questions; and I will try to be more concise than usual.

    If it’s not Jim Gordon in the robo/bunny/Chappie batsuit, I think it’s Alfred’s hand… just joking… I think. Which brings me to Snyder’s treatment of Alfred; while he has had more control and leeway given to him than any writer not named Johns or Morrison in recent memory, I don’t think he would be given the green light to kill Alfred. But I feel that if Scott Snyder could permanently get rid of Alfred, he would; and I have a feeling that Alfred will have an explained absence for quite a while in the Batman title.

    In reference to continuity, I can empathize with commenter GF Green from episode 155. [STELLA] I had subscriptions to Captain America, Iron Man, and Incredible Hulk from the late ’80’s into the early to mid ’90’s. Then Marvel did some horrible reboot with new number ones for the books, and I haven’t read a Marvel comic since. [/STELLA]. So I feel from personal experience alone that constant reboots will erode rather than build a reader base in the long run.

    I also proffer that while I do not read Marvel comics at all, I enjoy their shared cinematic universe; and that shows the appeal and marketability that comes with a long-term established continuity.

    On a completely different topic, I am so glad that I didn’t collect Batman Eternal. Listening to the reviews, it seems that the story could have been told better in 26 issues, or less.

    Finally, after I post this comment. I am heading over to iTunes to leave a new review for the podcast, and I urge everyone who comments on or listens to this podcast do the same. It takes very little time, and is very helpful to and appreciated by the hosts who put in the work and time to entertain and inform us.

    Thank you again for all you do.

  • Michael DeLozier (rhymes with “enclosure”)

    A quick note. iTunes won’t let me submit a new review for the podcast since I left a review previously. I submitted an update for the review, and hope it shows up. So I implore listeners who haven’t previously left a review to go to iTunes and give a review and rating. *cough* five stars *cough*