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Episode 163

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Convergence is over and Dustin and Stella are back to join Ed with the new slate of books and directions in The Batman Universe. After discussin a variety of news points, the group review Batman #41 and Detective Comics #41. Afterwards they spend an extended amount of time covering the entire group of TBU Books in the Spotlight. Be sure to leave your comments for the next episode.


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  • Terry Hughston

    Hey guys. Another great episode. I think we’re all glad to have Convergence behind us (and I retract the sentiment I expressed in my article about the event warming my heart). I did have some thoughts about the things you discussed with Batman and Detective Comics #41. First, the timeline didn’t bother me as much, but I wonder if it is because I read Detective Comics before I read Batman. I still noticed the inconsistencies, but I wonder if they seemed different because I read them in reverse of what you three did. My custom has always been to read Detective first because it came out the week before and I did that with these books as well and wonder if that would make a difference in a reader’s perception of the events of both books.

    Also, just a thought about the “seating chart” from the end of Detective #41. I just assumed that was a seating chart for the big event at the circus that Gordon and Sawyer were discussing earlier and to which Bullock said he had been assigned. I could be wrong, but that was my first thought when I read it.

    Keep up the good work and I’m looking forward to the new things the comic cast has to offer!

  • Gerry Green

    Some info on the price increase on the Harley Quinn titles: #16 has 20 story pages and is $2.99. #17 has 22 story pages and is $3.99.

  • John Mxyzptlk

    Why not just bring back Gotham Central, have it include Renee Montoya as The Question, Batwoman, and then throw BatRoboChappie in THAT book?! The quicker Bruce Wayne shaves off that beard, and puts on the cape and cowl again, the better. I’d like to read more BATMAN stories in Batman and Detective Comics, ASAP! But since Scott Snyder won’t be writing Batman for too much longer, I guess he’s earned the right to sidellne Bruce Wayne for awhile. It appears that the Robin wannabees will be meeting Bruce, in the third issue of We Are Robin. So I guess he won’t be sitting on a bench and staring at a pink sky for long. Before he becomes Batman again, it would be cool if Bruce appeared in the other Bat-books. And maybe monitored everything from a distance. Catwoman’s emotional reaction to Batman’s alleged death, was great. It’s nice that at least someone close to Batman, will actively search for him, instead of just sitting on their butts and doing nothing.

    Batman Universe, STAY CLASSY.

  • Adam P

    I wanted to let the host know that it is great to have the whole crew back. Ed did great with Convergence considering what he had to deal with. This is the best group that has ever done this show and its great to have all of you back. I have been listening to this for years now and this is the best group EVER

    Dustin – The Stoic who is always on point and doing his thing and never lets us down

    Stella – The fun loving one who is always adding some lightness into the show

    Ed – The Wild Card!

    Keep up the great work and I would love to hear what your favorite Batman stories are ever

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