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Harley Quinn Gets Creative Shake Up as Palmiotti and Conner Announce their Departure

Since DC’s Rebirth, creative teams on the flagship books have been pretty consistent, with a few artist fill-ins and changes, but come December one of DC’s most popular titles is going be losing its creative team. The Washington Post has posted a feature on Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner about their success on the Harley titles and announced that their four-year run as co-writers  will end this December with Harley Quinn #34.


It was also revealed that long time artist, John Timms will also be leaving the title and the new creative team taking over the book will be writer Frank Tieri and artist Inaki Miranda. Conner will still contribute the cover art to the book, so at least fans won’t experience a drastic shift when spying the book at comic shops.


Of their departure, Palmiotti said:


“We just felt like maybe it’s a good time to take a break, take a step back, go on a honeymoon, maybe spend some of the money we made on each other and get to know each other. We love this character, but we felt like, a lot of times you work on books and the sales drop and the character isn’t popular anymore. With [Harley Quinn] we figured, well, let’s take a nice break while the character is essentially as hot as ever.


The final issue of their run will feature a tale of Harley visiting her parents in Florida after the death of one of her supporting cast as solicited for #33. No word yet on who that might be. Harley Quinn #34 releases on December 20.


How do you feel about the long-running team leaving the book? Are their other creative teams you want to see shaken up a bit? Sound off below.

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