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New Bat-Book Logo Comparisons

When the news was announced that all of the DC Universe titles were being renumbered to one, everyone shared mixed emotions. Time has moved on from then and more news and has been shown. One of the things more recently to appear was the logos for both Detective Comics and Batman.


Everyone who has followed the Bat-books or comics in general over the years, knows that logos that appear on the cover change periodically to mark a change. It could be a new creative team, new editor, new storyline. With new number ones, logos are a sure bet.


When I first saw the logos, I had this odd sense that I had seen them before. Now I completely understand that there are only so many ways you can rework the bat-symbol and make it appear fresh. But these two "new" logos seem to be very closely related to previous logos.


First up, let's take a look at the new Detective Comics logo.


Detective Comics Logo


This one is a little of a stretch compared to the one coming, but similarities can be found. A similar logo appeared on the cover of Batman #404, which many will know as the first issue featuring Frank Miller's Batman: Year One storyline. While #404 is not pictured below, the cover to #405 which shows the detail a little better with the color differences can be seen much better.


Batman #405 Logo


While the bat-symbol is more left side heavy, the new Detective Comics logo seems to be a take of it. The logo from the Batman: Year One issues must have been popular since years later, Batman: Shadow of the Bat launched and in turn we were treated to this.


Batman: Shadow of the Bat Logo


Again, very similar with only minor difference in the wings. Seems that this logo was mirrored for Detective Comics and the wings were made less bulky.


The Batman logo on the other hand seems to be a sure shot of what the direction they were going for.


Batman #1 Logo


Batman: Arkham Asylum Logo


It appears that the placement of the letters is really the only change. I'm sure the colors will be different as time goes on, but if the font for the letters seem to be the same with them just having less spacing between the letters.


While it is interesting to think of why they would base the new logos off of similar past logos, it seems to me that it is more of a marketing aim. Batman: Arkham Asylum was a huge hit that appealed to not only Bat-fans, but a mass audience as well. Batman: Year One is a story that is remembered and also has a film coming out. While Detective Comics may have less marketing reasons for the logo, Scott Snyder and the Batman title seem to be getting a silent push from DC's marketing department by trying to appeal to the mass audience.


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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