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The Dark Knight Rises Special

TBU Specials E17

Join Dustin, Donovan, Melinda, Stella and guest host Sean as they talk about the most-anticipated film of 2012, The Dark Knight Rises. The spoiler filled discussion brings talk about the story, comic references and the characters that appeared in the film.


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  • Rob

    other easter eggs i saw;
    the reference to Killer Croc. "chaseing alligators down in the sewer"
    All three Robin's are in the movie are in persona of John Blake: Dick Grayson (a cop for a time in Bludhaven) Jason Todd (his rough life as an orphan and his father was a drunk/thug) Tim Drake (figured out who Batman was, and new that the world needed a Batman and, Tim wants something for himself also.. to be hero)

  • Nina

    Thank You Chris Nolan and all the cast and crew for breaking the 3rd comicbook movie curse and for making one of the greatest trilogy of all time!

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  • Kevin

    Can't wait to hear the commentary on this one, maybe with all the current co-hosts.