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SDCC: New Extended Justice League Trailer is Here!

Stop what you’re doing and watch the four-minute extended trailer for the Justice League right now. I’ll wait.

Wow! It looks like the battle between the Justice League and Steppenwolf is going to be epic. While the trailer was mostly action scenes, let’s break down some of the coolest bits:


  • The movie looks to be set in the midst of Superman’s death. How much exact time has passed is unclear, but Batman has also gone missing (presumably to unite the League)
  • I called it before, Wonder Woman’s screentime in the trailer has been upped, taking advantage of her recent box office and critical success.
  • Themyscira makes an appearance, and it looks like the Mother Box in their possession is the portal by which Steppenwolf makes his entrance.
  • Steppenwolf makes his move to due a lack of Kryptonians and “Green” Lanterns
  • Aquaman taking out a Parademon by smashing him down into a building.
  • I cannot wait for more underwater hijinks, it looks so good.
  • JK Simmons and the Bat Signal.
  • Cyborg taking over the Batmobile
  • Alfred speaking to a mysterious figure (cough, Superman, cough)
  • Alfred alluding to the Penguin. Just Alfred in general.
  • The Flash not getting the memo of fast exits.
  • Aquaman himself showed way more personality than I expected, which bodes very well for his solo flick.


What was your favorite part? And is it November 17 yet?

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