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WB Courts A-List Actors for Suicide Squad

suicide squad


Suicide Squad may have just been officially announced, but it appears that Warner Bros. has their eye on some A-List actors to fill he roles in the film.


The Hollywood Reporter claims that Ryan Gosling may be in talks for the film as well as Will Smith, Tom Hardy and Margot Robbie. While Hardy is the only actor to have starred in a DC film, the other actors on the list have recent ties to Warner Bros. pictures.


Will Smith and Margot Robbie both star in the upcoming Focus which has WB distributing the film. Tom Hardy not only starred in The Dark Knight Rises, but also is headlining the revamp of Mad Max coming out next year which also happens to be a WB film. Ryan Gosling may be known for more independent films, but he has also been in Gangster Squad and Crazy Stupid Love, both from WB.


And over at Latino Review, rumors of the lineup of characters featured in the Suicide Squad have emerged. The team is said to be made up of Deadshot, Blockbuster, Multiplex (a character who was featured on this week’s episode of Flash), Jaculi, Mindboggler, Vixen and Captain Boomerang. While this is a rumor for now, this does stray from a more common roster for the Squad.


Suicide Squad is set to release in 2016.

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