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Review: Super Sons #6

In Brief: Robin and Superboy meet for a night out fighting crime. Their get together is cut short by the arrival of the Teen Titans, who are working on a case in Metropolis.   Summary (spoilers...

Review: Super Sons #5

In Brief: Grounded, Superboy and Robin are having trouble coping with the restrictions in their lives. As Superboy runs away from home to clear his head, he and Robin solve their unresolved issues as...

DC Versus: Robin vs Superboy

DC All Access has released the latest DC Versus and this week’s features Robin (Damian Wayne) vs Superboy (Jon Kent). Who do you think would win?  

Review: Super Sons #4

  In Brief: Superboy and Robin have their final confrontation with Kid Amazo.   Summary (spoilers ahead): The issue starts with Lois and Alfred finding out that Jon and Damian have snuck...